Sender ID/Mask/Header Registration - DLT Platform

    Sender ID is also known as Mask /Header. This is one of the most important parts in DLT registration process on the operator platforms.
    You will need to have done the initial entity registration across operators to do the Sender ID registration. Sender ID for Transactional, Service Implicit /Explicit will be alphabetical and for Promotional will be Numeric. All Sender ID have to be registered on operator DLT platform
    Once the Entity is registered and you have successfully received the Entity ID, you can go ahead with the registration of your sender IDs across any of the operators as mentioned below:

    Vodafone-Idea's Sender ID/Header Registration Process

    Every principal entity need to register header with access providers as per the procedure below:
    Select SMS Headers and then select "Add Header" in header page
    Fill the requisite details such as content category, sender ID / header and provide details of sender.
    Submit the request for approval and make payment through available payment modes
    Header registrar will validate and verify details provided by the telemarketer/Principal Entity within 60 minutes.
    On successful registration, the registrar will approve and register the requested sender ID in the DLT Platform.
    The Registrar Team will also communicate unsuccessful registration or any discrepancy i.e. missing document or incorrect details with the applicant via the registered e-mail and mobile number within 72 hours from the time of registration.
    Note: Special characters such as @, $, %, &, etc. and blank space ("") are not allowed.
    Sender ID approval or rejection by the operator usually takes around 24-48 hours.