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5 Ways Conversational AI Can Help Call Centers During the Holiday Season

On December 27, 2023 | 7 Minutes Read
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The holiday season presents a unique challenge for call centers, marking a critical test of their operational efficiency. This period, especially with the increasing trend of digital shopping, brings forth new complexities. 2023 the global e-commerce market is expected to soar to a staggering $6.3 trillion. During the previous holiday season, global online consumer spending reached $211.7 billion. It is projected to see a substantial surge of 14% in the upcoming season! This shows the immense scale of customer interactions that call centers must manage.

Navigating the surge requires more than traditional methods; it calls for innovative solutions. Enter Conversational AI, a transformative technology tailored for such demanding times. Conversational AI, a form of artificial intelligence, is engineered to engage users in natural, human-like dialogue. Its ability to comprehend and respond to both spoken and written queries positions it as an ideal tool for handling customer interactions during the holiday season.

As we dive deeper, it becomes evident that Conversational AI is not just a technological response to a growing need. The following discussion will explore five key ways in which Conversational AI not only copes with the holiday rush but elevates the customer experience. 

Holiday Help: 5 Uses of Conversational AI in Call Centers

1. Efficient Query Handling with AI Chatbots

During the holiday season, call centers become overwhelmed by a surge in customer queries despite having extra staff.

So, what’s the smart move here?

It is time to bring in the AI chatbots! AI chatbots are built to manage a high volume of consumer inquiries, especially routine ones, with simplicity and clarity. This effectiveness stems from their ability to apply complex algorithms and processing of natural language to rapidly and precisely analyze and reply to client requests. According to Accenture’s report, AI has the potential to considerably boost company efficiency, with labor productivity in industrialized nations increasing by up to 40% by 2035.

Suppose John, a customer, simply wants the status of his holiday order.  Instead of waiting in a long phone queue, he gets his answer instantly from a chatbot. This quick and accurate response is possible because AI chatbots can access and process relevant data much faster than human operators. The result is not just a faster response but also a more accurate and helpful one, leaving customers like John impressed and satisfied. 

This efficiency in handling routine queries allows human staff to focus on more complex and nuanced customer interactions, thereby improving overall service quality.

2. Voicebot Integration for Immediate Response

Think of Voicebot Integration as your call center’s holiday season center of attraction. They jump into action the moment a customer reaches out, providing immediate, human-like responses to queries. 

In a notable example, a nationwide retail company faced the challenge of handling a high volume of job applications, with up to 500 applicants monthly. To streamline their hiring process, they integrated an HR Voicebot. This AI-driven solution was tasked with filtering out irrelevant applications and selecting the best candidates based on set criteria such as work experience, salary expectations, and location. 

The Voicebot conducted phone interviews, processed answers, and selected candidates meeting the criteria, who were then invited to schedule face-to-face interviews with a recruiter. The results were impressive: 80% of candidates answered the call, 80% of those interacting with the Voicebot, and 60% of those qualified for a personal interview. This integration significantly accelerated the hiring process, making it 5-8 times faster without compromising on candidate quality or user experience.

Gradually, every industry is adapting conversational AI to their business to make customer interactions smoother. The voice bot industry is expanding rapidly and is expected to develop at a CAGR of 17.2%. The market value of voice bots is expected to be over $26.8 billion by 2025. This shows the importance of modern customer service strategies.

3. Proactive Omnichannel Engagement

Conversational AI Can Help Call Centers During

This shift towards advanced technologies like voice bots is part of a larger trend in customer service: the move towards proactive omnichannel engagement.

This omnichannel approach is essential in catering to the modern customer, who tends to switch between various communication platforms. Why? Because customers are channel-hoppers by nature. 

Take Axis Bank’s AI bot, Aha!, as an example. This bot exemplifies omnichannel conversational support, handling over 20 million queries with 97% accuracy across various channels.

Since the inception of Aha!, Axis Bank experienced a 40X increase in user growth, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach. The number of new users increased 31 times, and transactions grew 50 times, indicating the bot’s success in addressing customer needs and providing value. This implementation by Axis Bank shows how integrating AI in customer service not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a seamless experience for customers who move between different communication platforms.

Consistency across all platforms is key. Neglecting any channel can lead to missed opportunities. Moreover, AI plays a vital role in call deflection, not just to reduce call volumes but to guide customers to the most appropriate channel, thereby improving their overall experience. 

4. Data-Driven Insights for Improved Service

Conversational AI for Customer Interactions is changing the game in call centers. It transforms every customer interaction into an opportunity for data-driven insights. This technology isn’t just about handling queries; it’s a tool for deeply understanding customer needs and trends. For instance, a travel agency harnessed Conversational AI to analyze customer interactions, leading to a 46% increase in its phone conversion rate. This showcases the real impact of a data-informed approach.

Conversational AI also offers the ability to monitor conversations in real time. This feature is crucial for fine-tuning marketing strategies and improving internal training. It’s about staying one step ahead in customer service.

Knowing peak times is crucial for call center efficiency. With Conversational AI, you get accurate data on when customer inquiries spike, allowing for better preparation and resource allocation. It’s about being ready and responsive, ensuring high-quality customer interactions every time.

5. Enhancing Holiday Sales

 Conversational AI is not just a technological response to a growing need

The holiday season is a crucial opportunity for businesses to increase their sales. AI tools are changing the way call centers function, particularly during the most busy period of the year.

These AI-powered assistants are adept at more than just conversation. They seamlessly integrate into major CRM operations, taking on tasks like scheduling meetings, sending out reminders, conducting surveys, and even guiding customers through the online payment processes. This level of assistance is akin to having an extra set of hands on deck, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered and every sales opportunity is maximized.

A prime example of this is seen in the case of a leading content distribution platform in India, which integrated a robust Click to Call and Number Masking Solution into its in-house CRM. This integration provided seamless connectivity and secure customer engagement, enhancing the customer experience significantly. With more than 99% uptime, the solution offered real-time monitoring with live call tracking, daily call reporting, and an analytics dashboard for deep customer insights. 

This CRM integration exemplified how businesses can leverage technology to provide professional and effective support, maintaining customer privacy and boosting agents’ performance. Such integrations demonstrate the transformative impact of AI in customer service, particularly in managing high volumes of customer interactions during peak seasons.

Embracing the Future of Conversational AI

The integration of Conversational AI in call centers marks a significant evolution in customer service, particularly during the hectic holiday season. This technology is not just a means to manage high call volumes; it represents a strategic shift towards more personalized, efficient, and effective customer interactions. 

From AI chatbots to voicebot integration and omnichannel engagement, these tools are reshaping the way businesses connect with their customers, ensuring every interaction is an opportunity to enhance satisfaction and drive growth. According to an IBM report, chatbots are capable of handling up to 80% of regular customer queries, leaving staff members to handle tougher issues.  As we advance, the adoption of Conversational AI in call centers is set to redefine the standards of customer service, making it an indispensable asset in the digital age.

For businesses looking to implement such a conversational AI platform, Gupshup offers a robust platform that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, enhancing customer service capabilities.

Are you fully prepared to harness this innovative technology to its fullest potential?

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Ronald Francis
Ronald Francis

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