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Realising the Power of Omni-Channel Messaging for the Travel Industry

On June 13, 2017 | 5 Minutes Read
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The Internet has disrupted how travelers research and pay for trips. The modern traveler is hyper connected and is aware of what information to look for and where. You would rarely notice the modern traveler walk into a travel agency. They simply reach for their mobiles just at the thought of their next travel, be it for leisure or business. A recent study found that:

  • 37.4% of Indian travelers prefer online transactions over cash
  • More than half (57.9%) of travel bookings are now done online
  • Mobile travel sales in India are on a high; and are further expected to rise at 67.1% CAGR from 2017 to 2020

If the modern traveler is so inclined to look for information on his mobile, is your travel business present across all channels of customer communication and interaction?


Be present on the hyper connected traveler’s preferred channel of communication or combine multiple channels. Ensure that your intended message reaches the traveler in a personalized manner and create moments of delight which will help build an emotional connection with the traveler. It’s all about being where the user is and putting your travel business on top of his mind.

Your travel business needs to be Omni-present;
your travel business needs
Omni-channel Messaging

Gupshup-The Intelligent Omni-channel Messaging Platform

Integrate your travel business with Gupshup’s Intelligent Omni-channel Messaging API. It’s a great way to be present on 30+ messaging channels, most of which are preferred and being used frequently by travelers.

Gupshup’s platform includes:

  • 18 text messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, etc.
  • In-App
  • Web
  • Voice and other Channel APIs for Google Home, IoT etc.

As per your business goal, you can integrate with multiple or sub set of channels and ensure that you are connected with potential and existing travelers wherever they maybe.

Marketing with Gupshup, your business partner

Entice the traveler through Emails

Being in the travel business, sending emails with eye-catching images of the travel destination is a must to attract the attention of the potential traveler.

Gupshup provides a cloud-based email delivery platform where travelers can catch a glimpse of your email marketing campaign like destination, packages and other travel details.

In your email marketing campaign insert links to redirect customers to your travel website. A good experience on your website will ultimately lead to more business.

Gupshup’s link tracking feature delivers real-time campaign-wise and recipient-wise analytics with IP, location tracker, spam, bounces etc.

Build a better business by understanding your target group. Using individual data, understand what’s driving your aggregate data.

The email use case given below will elucidate your email marketing campaign.

You could have additional Call-to-Action points in the body of your email such as:
Need to know more? Click:
Speak to our travel bot (This will redirect to the messaging channel on which the chatbot resides.)

Chatbots to flourish your travel business

Chatbots can be used to reduce customer effort and instantly cater to the needs of the modern traveler. Gupshup’s Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbots can recognise the source and context of the user and can accordingly provide relevant responses.

In this instance, the email has reached the customer and being interested in the offer he has opted to have a conversation with your chatbot. Since the bot knows the source of the offer, it can customize responses and guide the conversation. Relevant questions and responses, package and flights offers can all be instantly pitched to this potential traveler. Even unknown sources of customers who wish to chat with your bot can be seamlessly orchestrated with Gupshup’s AI empowered bots. The chatbots powered by Gupshup can assist travelers with the best holiday packages, hotel room preferences, and encourage repeat purchases through timely offers.

Today, businesses are embarking on AI enabled chatbots in order to grow.

This conversation with Gupshup’s chatbot will give you a clear picture. Display a carousal view of your holiday travel packages.

Gupshup SMS services

Assuming this traveler has purchased the travel package; sending SMSes is the best way to keep constant touch with them.

These examples will explain how to utilize Gupshup’s SMS services which comprises of Transactional and Promotional SMSs.

Transactional SMS are alerts sent to your travel customer to communicate necessary information, reminders and updates.

Travel confirmation SMS:

Your ticket to Kerala has been confirmed. Travel date: 24th June 2017. Your departure time is 6.10 am and arrival time is 8.20 am. Flight No: AD3969. Have a safe journey.

Important information to convey:

We regret to inform you that the pickup car from Kerala airport has been delayed. We are arranging another car and the delay is estimated to be 20 mins. Your allocated travel person will call you shortly.

Promotional SMS help inform them about discounts, offers or promote your products or services to a targeted audience

Season sale offers:

Flat Rs.15,000 Off on Monsoon Holidays, Private vehicle upgrades, 50% off on Child Fare. Call 1800xxxxxx.

Loyalty Programme SMS:

Subscribe to our Loyalty Programme and instantly earn payback points for your next travel

Communicate trip details with your bot

The chatbot you develop can be seamlessly integrated to Facebook Messenger and other platforms. Gupshup offers the facility of writing the code once and running the same code on every channel be it FB Messenger, Twitter Slack etc.

The chatbot can be put to use for multiple convenient purposes like checking travel details, procuring boarding pass and also web check-in.

This is an illustration of an airline’s chatbot.

Empower your business with Omni-channel Messaging

The modern traveler expects your travel business to not only be present wherever he is but also instantly comprehend his intent and offer him the best tour and flight packages. If you’re not present across all channels of communication or engaging the traveler with the captivating chatbot, you’re probably throwing away your business to a competitor. Recognise the potential of Gupshup’s Omni-channel Messaging platform and accelerate growth for your travel business.

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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