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The messenger custom chat plug-in on Open Beta

On December 5, 2017
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Ever since Mark Zuckerburg announced chatbots at Facebook’s annual dev conference at f8 well over a year ago, the tech giant has been aggressively rolling out updates to optimize the bot experience and make it easier for businesses to build long-lasting bonds with customers.  As the updates roll out service providers, brands and businesses have started realizing the power of building strong conversational experiences.  The latest addition to the series of well thought of and cautiously introduced updates is the introduction of the custom chat plug-in.

The custom chat plug-in allows an all-new experience for users to interact with brands and businesses. Through the messenger chat plug-in, conversations can now be taken cross-platform, which means that even if users have left browsing through the website of a particular brand, conversations via the chat window can now be recorded, tracked and worked upon. This is the most powerful and exciting offering this new feature.

Through the messenger chat plug-in, businesses will b able to interact with users even after they have left their website.  Through the captured Facebook ids, brands will be able to promote and provide users with timely offers and updates. Brands will be able to provide services like customer care to users without having them scouting the brand’s website.

Gupshup is now powered by the messenger chat plug-in, let’s connect…

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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