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On December 12, 2017
The era of conversational experiences has arrived. The traditional means of marketing enshrined by the Yell and Sell methodology have ceased to leave a long-lasting impact. Customers of today want more than just being bombarded by promotional advertising; they want to be reached out personally. They value the time taken by brands to address to them one on one. For businesses, conversational experiences provide a wide variety of advantages over the traditional means of marketing


While marketing campaigns have traditionally helped operations communicate to a large sect, these days, a more personalized approach based on individuals preferences are preferred. Building conversational experiences helps in sending personalized campaigns to customers. Once the customer is reached, they can start interacting immediately. Since the campaigns are monitored, quality leads can be routed to sales executive, thereon meetings can be scheduled automatically.


Conversational experiences are great for driving sales. Having an idea of what your customers are based on their buying patterns and click-through rates, gives an opportunity to let customers browse through the products that they would be interested in. The best customers can be enticed with the choicest offers and deals. Once customers get what they want in a manner that doesn’t feel intrusive, their loyalty towards the brand is bound to strengthen.


One of the biggest pain points of our times is to seek instant support. There are always some strings attached. The IVR though omni present had been the reason for heightened frustration and deflated expectations amongst the masses. Through the use of conversational experiences customers can be delighted with instant support, the most common FAQ’s – the how’s and the where’s can be automated. Due to the flexibility that conversational experiences offer, customers can engage with brands over their preferred messaging channels anytime, anywhere. All this and more at a fraction of the cost that traditional IVR systems take to set up and run.

As AI enables chatbots to become omnipotent, their adaptability and functionality will only increase. Over the last two years, chatbots have proved their efficiency and ease of use constantly. Brands, businesses both small and big have started realizing the potential that fully optimized conversational experiences hold.

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Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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