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Creating Conversational Experiences On WhatsApp

On January 26, 2022 | 5 Minutes Read
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Businesses today know that their customers have high expectations as far as the customer support and experience goes, and it shouldn’t be difficult for them to find the information they want or get their questions answered. However, at times finding the perfect solution can be a chore with so many moving pieces contributing to the customer experience. With most businesses now being on the messaging channels that their customers use such as WhatsApp, communication gaps have been reducing substantially.

WhatsApp as a messaging channel has a wider reach world wide, with the latest statistics showing that WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Other stats include:

These users are not individuals alone; there are businesses who make most of the popularity garnered by WhatsApp. That’s why WhatsApp Business has introduced interactive messages – inspiring more businesses all over the world to provide users with refreshingly re-designed messaging options that are easier than ever to select and take action on.

Chatbot for WhatsApp

We don’t like it when a company has a complex phone system that you need to go through in order to speak with a real person. We don’t like having to navigate through an automated attendant just to get the name of somebody who is able to answer our questions. Of course we don’t like waiting on hold either!

Nowadays, most people prefer using WhatsApp or other messenger platforms simply because you don’t have to go through any of that hassle. With the WhatsApp Business Solution, your customers can reach out by sending their query directly in chat format after which they will get a personalized response from an automated AI chatbot without ever having to wait for long again.

Once you’ve started using the WhatsApp Business service, there’s no longer a need to go through a long IVR process just to realize that you’re going to have to wait more to get in touch with a customer service representative. With your business’ personalized WhatsApp Chatbot, customers can quickly send their inquiries straight to the departments they might need, such as shipping or accounting. They will receive a response through an artificial intelligence powered by your customized Chatbot and can expect instant assistance at all hours of the day. A WhatsApp Business chatbot is substantially easier and quicker than most forms of customer-oriented digital assistants.

Conversational experiences on WhatsApp

An AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot that seamlessly integrates with your WhatsApp Business Account is something that businesses can account for in these crucial times when quicker turnaround times for customer queries is a must. A WABA chatbot is fairly different from other kinds of chatbots you might be familiar with.

Typically, UI elements such as buttons and quick replies are a key aspect in streamlining a chatbot experience but interestingly, this is not the case when it comes to WABA since the entire user experience relies on WhatsApp features and functions like messaging, quick replies and current status (e.g. who can receive calls right now) in order to run smoothly.

· Reply buttons:

Businesses can achieve higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.

· Emoji buttons:

The use of emoji buttons instead of text options allow businesses with a single product in their inventory to make the decision process much easier for those who want to do so.

· Icons

Icons provide consumers with a better way to understand the context when they are conversing with bots during a 24-hour period.

· Multi-product messages

This feature will allow businesses to share messages containing up to 30 products from their inventory during a single conversation flow.

The Gupshup solution

An intuitive, no-code platform like Gupshup is the best way to leverage the WhatsApp API across regions to scale up your customer communications and send messages at a low cost to a broad audience. Even if you have a dedicated tech/developer team, you need a simple, fast and effective way to introduce WhatsApp into your technology stack. Gupshup provides such a way that you don’t have to worry about long numbers, short-codes, or country-specific telecom regulations. Once you create a Business Profile in Facebook Business Manager and add core information (email address, phone number, social media links, website URL, etc.) to the account, Gupshup will take care of the rest.

Using Gupshup’s free WhatsApp bot building tool is the way to make chatbots a part of your communication strategy. Leverage the Gupshup WhatsApp API to automate many processes, including customer support, onboarding and e-commerce transactions. You can also set auto-responses for bots to deal with common queries. If a bot is unable to respond to a question, a human agent can seamlessly take over the conversation to interact with the customer and provide a relevant solution.

With Gupshup, you not only get a hassle-free setup; but you also get pay-as-you-use pricing, world-class technical support. Connect with customers on their terms, increase brand recall, and boost sales and profits. With the WhatsApp API, your midsize or large business can do all this and more. To get started with WhatsApp API and to create conversational experiences for your customers on WhatsApp, #LetsGupshup.

Sujatha Menon
Senior Content Writer

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