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Gupshup Helped A Fintech Company Improve Its User Retention And Marketing Communications

With Gupshup’s IP solution (GIP Messaging), the fintech company increased transaction-related critical message delivery by 85%, improved its marketing communication, and onboarded new customers.

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The Problem

Being a financial technology company with a wide range of banking and financial products, it needs to send out critical messages such as sharing OTP and other transaction-related notifications to its users on their registered number via SMS for carrying out transactions on their platform. However, the company started observing a 70% decline in the delivery of critical messages via SMS.

The Solution

Gupshup helped the fintech firm with its proprietary Gupshup IP solution to prevent transaction-related message delivery failure due to DLT constraints. With this solution, the company seamlessly delivered transaction-related critical messages to the registered phone numbers without timeout errors.