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Chatbot Platform FAQ

A chatbot is an app that interacts with humans in a contextual and conversational way. Humans also interact with it using text, graphics, or speech, thus providing a means of two-way conversations between a machine and a human.

Chatbots are usually used to automate repetitive tasks where human inputs are not required. It may be able to seamlessly redirect a conversation to a live human agent if it cannot adequately understand or answer the customer’s queries.

A chatbot platform can be used to create and customize chatbots to provide users with alerts, purchase notifications, reminders, etc. A chatbot can also enrich chats within a messenger service like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram with content from third-party providers. With the zero-code chatbot platform from Gupshup, you can build any kind of customized chatbot for your business, and publish it in just a few minutes.

Since a chatbot is a software application, it consists of codes that contain commands and instructions that tell the chatbot how to communicate with, or in response to, human users. A  set of algorithms enables a chatbot to complete its designated tasks.

To work, a chatbot consists of three main components: application/workflow logic (executable code), a database, and an Application Programming Interface (API). Using code interfaces, APIs can integrate software commands into the chatbot’s code to extend its functions.

Gupshup’s chatbot platform makes it easy to design, publish and launch a customized chatbot so you don’t have to worry about the programming details, logic, APIs, etc. It provides templates for numerous business categories and takes care of the chatbot’s hosting, monitoring and tracking requirements. All you have to do is select a template, customize it, publish the chatbot, and you’re done!

A chatbot platform enables companies to implement automated conversational workflows or chatbots without complicated coding, programming knowledge, or technical expertise. A chatbot is a type of automated technology that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention. It is commonly used to automate mundane tasks like gathering information or to answer repetitive customer issues without involving a human agent.

Gupshup’s chatbot platform is ideal for businesses looking to quickly create chatbots to automatically answer customer queries, and deliver unique conversational experiences. With pre-defined templates and numerous customisations, you can instantly launch your chatbot on your preferred channel in next to no time. 

A chatbot is an automated or “virtual” agent that interacts with customers in real-time via a simple chat interface. Chatbot integration is the process of incorporating an automated chatbot into a messaging application to enable brands to participate in two-way, real-time, interactive customer communications.

Chatbot integration enables the chatbot software to search for information, and deliver it to the customer quickly in response to common or repetitive queries. Depending on the chatbot platform being used, a chatbot can support omnichannel communication for enhanced messaging flexibility and convenience.

With its predefined templates and robust platform, Gupshup’s chatbot platform provides the easiest chatbot builder tools available to quickly build and launch chatbots. No coding skills are required, and the platform will automatically manage the chatbot’s hosting, monitoring and tracking. Gupshup integrates with various messaging applications to bring the power of chatbots to any brand’s omnichannel system.

The chatbot platform from Gupshup is a simple tool to build, customize and publish chatbots easily and quickly. This tool provides several pre-defined templates by industry, which can be effortlessly customized as per the business’ unique needs. All that the brand needs to do is connect a pre-defined template to their Facebook page. This will publish the chatbot in a single click, and instantly launch it for use. Since this chatbot platform requires no coding skills, anyone can build a chatbot for their business, and launch it in just a few minutes.

Gupshup’s chatbot platform is a powerful platform that automatically takes care of hosting, monitoring and tracking chatbots, so the brands can focus on delivering interactive experiences and building strong customer relationships.