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Retail FAQ

For modern retail companies, a physical or brick-and-mortar presence is no longer enough to attract customers, grow the business or improve competitiveness. A retail API enables them to build and expand their online presence, connect with more customers, and create new revenue channels.

With a retail API solution like Gupshup, retailers can seamlessly take their stores online, add chatbots to their support ecosystem, and digitise multiple aspects of their operations, including marketing, sales, and customer support. In sum, a retail API offers a low-cost, efficient way to realise retail store digital transformation.

With retail API, retailers and e-commerce businesses can grow their digital presence & accelerate retail-digital transformation. They can automatically create product catalogues, create and manage new promotion or advertising campaigns, manage product inventories, and simplify order submissions and payments.

They can even add QR codes and link them to the digital store to provide their customers with an enhanced hybrid shopping experience. In the post-COVID world, a retail API makes it possible to offer the digital convenience and contactless shopping that today’s customers demand.

Retail conversational AI offers a great way to digitise retail businesses for growth and differentiation while also focusing on customers’ needs, wants and convenience. By adding conversational commerce capabilities to their existing business model, retailers can more effectively advertise their brand, offer personalised offers and discounts, leverage delivery partners for quick order fulfilment, and integrate contactless payments. The technology behind retail conversational AI chatbot solutions like Gupshup uses popular messaging channels to communicate with users in an accessible, low-friction format.

Retail conversational AI is an excellent solution for retailers and e-commerce businesses looking to provide personalised, multichannel shopping experiences to their customers. Conversational AI in retail with chatbots makes shopping easy and pleasurable for customers. They can converse with the chatbot using their own words to find what they need online, ask questions, and place orders. The chatbot responds naturally in a human-like way to put the customer at ease and enhance their user experience.

By leveraging retail conversational AI solutions like Gupshup, retailers can also personalise all customer communications while advertising the brand, create tailored offers and offer 24×7 support.

Retail conversational AI solutions enable e-commerce and retail firms to deliver personalised shopping experiences that delight their customers. Digitisation means that customers can easily shop for what they need without stepping into a brick-and-mortar store. And with a conversational AI chatbot, they can find quick answers, place orders and make payments, even on holidays, weekends and during lockdowns.

Some retail conversational AI solutions, e.g. Gupshup, also integrate with existing order management softwares and contactless payments systems without the need to download an app or install additional hardware. All in all, with retail conversational AI, retailers can reduce operating costs, shorten queues, and boost transaction volumes, conversions and revenues. They can also build a customer database and engage them continuously to garner their loyalty and long-term support.