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Juniper Research Recognizes as an Established Leader in OTT Business Messaging

The Leaderboard assessed 20 OTT Business Messaging vendors, scoring them on market presence, partnerships, sophistication of their Business Messaging and Juniper Research’s view on each company’s innovation and prospects.

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Gupshup scored high on customer deployments, product offerings, value added services and innovation. The report also notes the range of features in Gupshup Conversation Cloud and pioneering fine-tuned LLM.

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The OTT business messaging traffic is expected to reach 375 billion messages in 2028. In this rapidly growing space, Gupshup has firmly established itself as a leader in enabling personalized conversational experiences across the customer lifecycle. As the growth of the global SMS market slows in favor of rich messaging, capabilities like chatbots, LLMs, channel failover and business user friendly no-code tools are critical. By combining technology leadership and domain expertise with a sharp focus on customer success, Gupshup has emerged a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to transform customer engagement via two-way conversations.
Sam Barker
VP of Telecoms Market Research at Juniper Research

What makes us an Established Leader

Customer deployments across acquisition, marketing, commerce, and support

We believe CPaaS has long moved beyond APIs and now encompasses the entire customer journey. Conversational Everything is here, and we’re leading this change.

Conversational Cloud with Gen AI virtual assistants

Ace your customer experience with Gen AI Bots powered by ACE LLM, fine-tuned to your domain, delivering high accuracy and built to meet strict data privacy and residency requirements.

Expertise in rich, two-way interactions on OTT channels

Gupshup understands channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google RCS, and Google Business Messaging better than any other provider. Our customers benefit from best practices and nuances derived from 1000s of our implementations.

Extensive library of pre-built templates and journeys for every industry

Proven, tried, and tested journeys to maximize your return on investment and accelerate time to market. No more starting with a blank state, get access to the best ideas, and programs and adapt new use cases with guidance from our industry experts.

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Acquire qualified leads without friction, resolve doubts and convert faster with ads that click to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

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