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Mumbai/SanFrancisco, 23 January 2024—, the leading Conversation Cloud Platform announced that it has been positioned as an Established Leader in Juniper Research’s OTT Business Messaging Competitor Leaderboard. The Competitor Leaderboard assesses 20 global OTT Business Messaging vendors, scoring them on market presence, size of operations, the extent of market partnerships, the sophistication of their Business Messaging Services and Juniper research’s view on each company’s innovation and future business prospects.

In recognizing as an Established Leader, the report took note of its strength in customer deployments, experience, variety of product offerings, value added services and innovation.

“With high usage and engagement rates, OTT messaging apps are a great way for enterprises looking to enhance customer experience and turn communications into conversations. Our Platform is making two-way conversational customer engagement a reality, while allowing businesses to personalize their interactions at scale. A large number of brands on our platform have reaped the benefits of Conversational advertising, marketing, commerce and support, growing their revenues while driving operational efficiency. This recognition by Juniper reaffirms our deep understanding and commitment to the space”, said Gaurav Kachhawa, Chief Product Officer at Gupshup.

Gupshup has all the major OTT channels among its umbrella of rich messaging channels. Out of these, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google GBM have witnessed the maximum traction, given WhatsApp’s large 2 billion user base globally. Additionally, Google RCS Business Messaging which has over 1 billion users at a global level is a hit amongst B2C brands, given its high read rates (40%) and response rates (6-11%) 

“The OTT business messaging traffic is expected to reach 375 billion messages in 2028. In this rapidly growing space, Gupshup has firmly established itself as a leader in enabling personalized conversational experiences across the customer lifecycle. As the growth of the global SMS market slows in favor of rich messaging, capabilities like chatbots, LLMs, channel failover and business user friendly no-code tools are critical. By combining technology leadership and domain expertise with a sharp focus on customer success, Gupshup has emerged a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to transform customer engagement via two-way conversations”, said Sam Barker, VP of Telecoms Market Research at Juniper Research

Gupshup’s platform enables brands to orchestrate full-funnel customer journeys right from building their first-party database using Advertise (Click-to-Chat ads), engaging users with contextual offers, product recommendations and consultation, enabling chat commerce to buy and pay on the app and finally assist them with post-purchase support. Brands can use rich and interactive cards, carousels, buttons and Flows to create an intuitive experience for their customers.

Companies from diverse industries including Banking, Financial Services and Retail use Gupshup’s Platform to streamline and enhance business functions such as lead nurturing, customer engagement, KYC processes, loan approvals, appointment scheduling, and customer support.

Recently, was also awarded as Partner of the Year by Meta.Gupshup was particularly lauded for its innovative thinking, outstanding solution delivery, engineering excellence at scale and best-in-class use of Meta’s platform and launches.

To know more about Juniper’s OTT Business Messaging rankings and to download the report, click here

About Gupshup is the leading Conversation Cloud Platform that enables brands to advertise, communicate and converse with their customers leveraging AI and CPaaS. Gupshup’s Conversational solutions enable 45,000+ brands across India, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United States to deliver better customer experience, and increased revenue while saving costs. Citibank, AkzoNobel, Khan Academy, Unilever, MPL, Netflix, Flipkart, and Ola are a few of its leading clients. With a single messaging API for 30+ channels across voice, text, and chat, the platform powers over 10 billion messages per month. Valued at $1.4 bn, the company has marquee investors such as Tiger Global, Fidelity Management and Research Co. LLC, and others on its cap table. Gupshup was recently featured in Everest Group’s AI Top 50 list and is also Meta’s Partner of the Year. For more details, please visit:


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