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Gupshup Launches an End-to-End Platform for Ads that Click to WhatsApp with Full-funnel Attribution and AI-powered Optimization

India/Brazil, 03 August 2023—-Gupshup, the world’s leading conversational engagement platform today unveiled its latest product, Click-To-WhatsApp Ads Manager, a full-funnel tool that enables brands to harness the power of CTWA. The core focus of this launch is to empower brands to gather actionable performance insights through precise attribution while managing every aspect of the process through a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use tool. This announcement is the first of its kind and marks a giant leap forward in state-of-the-art conversational advertising.

End to end automation for Ads that click to WhatsApp

The tool enables precise attribution at various levels of granularity including campaign, ad group, and individual ad. It provides an exhaustive analysis of campaign performance and return on ad spend (ROAS). Pulling data from both Meta Ads Manager and Gupshup’s conversational platform, it aggregates them to provide deep and actionable insights. 

The optimization module uses these insights to enhance performance through A/B testing of ad allocations, ad content, bot journeys, remarketing campaign rules, and more. It leverages Generative AI  to recommend or even make changes to ad creatives. The last-click data can also be sent back to Meta via its conversions API to improve ad targeting. 

With in-built end-to-end automation of conversational advertising, brands can quickly and easily set up conversational journeys and link them to campaigns, ad groups, or individual ads. Qualified leads automatically flow into a customer data platform along with its conversation history and related meta-data – thus enabling brands to gather first-party data. 

Advertisers can set up remarketing campaigns, triggered by time, event, or manually, and link them to specific campaigns. Qualified leads can be presented with the option to transact and pay immediately or be optionally redirected to either a chatbot or human agent to drive conversion, immediately or in the future. All data is available through real-time reports that provide a holistic view of the ad journey such as ad spend, ad impressions, clicks, conversions, chat analysis, and campaign performance. 

The benefits to brands of this tool are immense. It increases the overall conversion rate through future remarketing to users that don’t convert immediately. That’s because the data of every user that clicks on a Click to Whatsapp ad is captured and added to its first-party database with zero drop-offs. The new tool, along with the rest of Gupshup’s engagement platform, provides brands with a single, unified, comprehensive platform to drive every aspect of conversational engagement.

“Click-to-Whatsapp is the next big frontier in digital advertising. Gupshup is excited to lead the way in helping brands to harness the awesome power of Ads that Click to WhatsApp to drive substantially higher Return On Ad Spend while also building a first-party database. We’ve received exceptional feedback from our beta customers and partners, and are now making it available to all brands, agencies, and partners worldwide” said Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup. 

Gupshup is making this tool available to not just the brands themselves, but also ad agencies, ISVs, resellers, and other distribution partners. Gupshup works with thousands of partners within the Whatsapp ecosystem and plans to now empower them with this latest tool.

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