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Conversational Messaging: The Next Big Thing For Great CX

Conversations over messaging apps have become a preferred mode of communication today. Whether sharing content or interacting with friends and family or their favourite brands, consumers choose to interact through messaging apps over other communication channels. Today, consumers not only want but have come to expect, immediate satisfaction and quick resolution. 

Businesses have come to recognize the need to elevate consumer experience to stay relevant in the competitive landscape, and here’s where messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram have become a game-changer. 

With a focus on understanding the consumers’ behaviour towards messaging services, Gupshup commissioned a survey to learn how the Indian shoppers leverage the messaging apps and their features to communicate with businesses.

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In this in-depth report, you’ll learn:

  • Why WhatsApp and Instagram are popular among the Indian consumers
  • Why Instagram and WhatsApp are the best messaging apps for business engagement
  • WhatsApp Business API and Instagram Messenger API features