Rich and Intelligent Messaging Experiences on Mobile Devices

With On-device Conversational AI

On-device AI for Device Manufacturers

Messaging Classification and Visualization
Secure Messaging
Rich media notifications with IP Messaging
Multi-lingual messages
  • Messaging Platform

    Messaging Platform

    Enable engaging conversations across a Single API across 30+ messaging apps that your handset users are already on

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  • Chatbot Platform

    Chatbot Platform

    Send automated messages to handset users via AI-powered chatbots

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  • Message Classification and Visualization

    Message Classification and Visualization

    Classify messages, read regular sms messages, extract entities and render them in a card

  • Secure Messaging

    Secure Messaging

    Provide end-to-end encryption in messages to keep your customer communications secure

  • Rich Media Notifications with IP Messaging

    Rich Media Notifications with IP Messaging

    Drive engaging conversations with images, audio, video, documents etc.

  • Multilingual Messages

    Multilingual Messages

    Send messages to your customers in the language of their choice

  • Integrations


    OEMs can avail multiple integration options including pre-load, SDK and API


  • For Enterprises

    Engaging messages

    Higher read, open and conversion rates

    Create and deploy custom cards quickly and easily

    Improved customer support

    Lower costs

  • For Consumers

    Visually appealing experience

    Easier to read, less clutter

    Engaging content

    Improved response time from enterprises

  • For OEMs

    Improved user experience and customer satisfaction

    Monetize messaging service for new revenue stream

    Quick, easy integration

    Better user experience to customers