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6 Innovative Holiday Campaign Ideas Using RCS

On December 21, 2023 | 9 Minutes Read
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As the holiday season approaches, businesses are shifting their focus on making this time one of the most profitable times of the year. 

A key player in the upcoming season’s marketing strategy is the RCS business messaging API. It is a powerful tool that’s transforming how brands connect with customers. Rich Communication Services (RCS) elevates traditional SMS with rich media, interactivity, and enhanced features, making it a vital asset for engaging consumers. 

During Christmas and New Year, businesses encounter a great opportunity to engage with consumers who are more inclined to spend and explore new avenues. This period is characterized by heightened consumer activity, making it an ideal time for deploying innovative marketing strategies. For instance, with mobile commerce sales projected to reach $3.4 trillion globally in 2027, the mobile-first nature of RCS is perfectly aligned to tap into this growing trend. Moreover, another survey indicates that 75% of millennials prefer SMS communication for various interactions,  suggesting a natural receptivity to RCS’s advanced messaging capabilities. Notably, RCS campaigns have been observed to achieve engagement rates of 31%, a substantial increase over traditional SMS marketing. 

RCS business messaging API is at the forefront of this shift, offering brands a dynamic way to connect with customers. It allows for creating immersive campaigns featuring multimedia content, and personalized messaging, elevating the customer experience far beyond traditional text messaging.

Join us as we explore how these strategies can revolutionize your holiday marketing, leveraging RCS to make this season more successful and engaging than ever.

6 Innovative Holiday Campaign Ideas Using RCS

Interactive RCS Campaign

Creating an interactive holiday campaign will allow you to reimagine how to connect with your customers. Broadcasting messages is not enough; the key is to create a dialogue that captivates the audience. RCS messaging allows for directly integrating rich media like images, videos, and interactive elements into messages. 

RCS also allows the inclusion of suggested quick replies and action buttons within messages. For example, instead of a “reply yes to confirm your order”, the RCS message would include a direct “yes” button. This feature transforms a one-way message into a two-way conversation. Additionally, RCS supports location sharing, which can be particularly useful for businesses during the holiday season, such as guiding customers to the nearest store for their holiday shopping. 

File sharing capabilities in RCS also open up new avenues for sending detailed information like holiday catalogs or special event flyers directly within the message thread. Moreover, the integrated payment feature in RCS is also a game changer. It allows customers to complete transactions seamlessly within the messaging platform, potentially boosting sales.

Subway‘s use of RCS in its marketing campaign showcases a major shift in customer communication. They replaced traditional SMS with RCS, adding high-quality images and interactive buttons to their messages. This change turned simple texts into engaging experiences. Customers could interact with these messages, like exploring sandwich offers in an attractive format.

Subway got the best results with RCS campaigns

The results were striking. The campaign using RCS saw a 140% higher conversion rate than standard SMS. This highlights the effectiveness of RCS in getting customer attention and prompting action.

This case shows how RCS can significantly boost marketing by making interactions more dynamic and result-driven.

Personalized RCS Offers

Another way to use RCS messaging in your campaign is to craft more impactful and tailored holiday marketing campaigns. Personalized offers will help customers relate to your brand more than ever, especially during the holiday season.  

For example, a customer who purchases books regularly might receive an RCS message from a bookstore with a personalized selection of new releases, complete with cover images and brief synopsis. This message could also include a special holiday discount tailored to their reading preferences.

The beauty of RCS messaging in this context is its ability to make these messages interactive. Customers can browse through the selections, read the synopsis, or even directly purchase from within the message. This level of engagement transforms a standard promotional message into a mini-shopping experience, making it more likely for the customer to engage and purchase. This results in the customer fostering a deeper connection with the brand. 

Additionally, RCS messaging can be used to gather customer feedback, demonstrating that the brand values customer input and is committed to further improving its services. The deep analytics capabilities of RCS provide insightful data, enabling brands to fine-tune their messaging experience to align closely with individual customer preferences and behaviors. This level of customization and communication shows that the brand actively adapts to meet its customer’s specific demands and expectations. The beauty of RCS is its capability to personalize messages at a granular level, adapting to individual opinions, behaviors, and interactions. This personalization not only improves satisfaction and loyalty but also significantly impacts conversion rates and builds trust. 

Did you know that approximately 93% of customers who feel heard and understood are more likely to become repeat buyers and brand advocates, often sharing their positive experiences? 

 24/7 Chatbot Assistance

An innovative communication strategy is key to a successful holiday campaign. Let’s consider the example of a renowned family resort chain, which stands as a testament to this approach. They used a virtual assistant (chatbot) integrated with RCS messaging to enhance the customer experience in searching and booking lodges. This approach significantly advances how holiday promotions and customer service can be seamlessly merged.

In this campaign, customers could interact with the chatbot to explore various lodge options, get detailed information, and even complete bookings, all within their messaging app. The use of RCS service here goes beyond simple promotional messages, offering a complete, interactive service experience. This method made booking more convenient and added a personalized touch to the customer’s journey.

The integration of a chatbot with RCS enabled the resort to offer round-the-clock engagement and instant responses, facilitating effortless navigation through booking options. This approach not only streamlined the customer journey but also set a new standard for how resorts can interact with customers, especially during the high-demand holiday season.

Countdown to Deals

Another effective strategy is the “Countdown to Deals” campaign, leveraging the capabilities of RCS service to create a sense of urgency and excitement. This involves sending daily RCS messages to customers, each revealing a new deal or discount as the holiday approaches.

The first message might kick off with a special discount on popular categories like electronics or fashion, using RCS’s rich media capabilities to include enticing images or videos.

As the campaign progresses, the anticipation builds. Each day brings a different focus, such as exclusive deals for loyalty members or early access to new product launches. This variety keeps the offers fresh and engaging. Customers can interact directly with these messages, enhancing the shopping experience by allowing them to RSVP to events or access special shopping interfaces within their messaging app. 

With RCS's rich features, you can deploy eye-catching and engaging promotion campaigns

In the final phase of the countdown, the messages build up to major sale events like Christmas or New Year’s sales. . By this stage, customers are fully engaged, looking forward to the next reveal, which increases the likelihood of a successful turnout and robust sales. This approach not only drives sales but also strengthens the customer-brand relationship.

Location Based Promotions

Location-based promotions using RCS messaging provide an effective strategy for businesses, particularly in hospitality and retail, to deliver contextually relevant offers to customers. This approach involves sending customized messages based on the customer’s proximity to a business location. 

For example, as mentioned above, Subway has shifted from SMS to RCS. During the holiday season, they could use this to their advantage and send holiday menu deals or event invites to customers near their outlets, ensuring the promotions are timely and pertinent.

These RCS campaigns can feature rich content like images or festive themes. Some brands even use gamification. Interactive elements within the messages, such as buttons for reservations or directions, enhance user experience and facilitate action, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. 

Exclusive Gift Previews

Consider providing your customers with exclusive gift previews via RCS. It offers your brand a unique way to engage customers with sneak peeks of holiday products or sales. This approach, ideal for sectors like fashion retail, involves sending RCS messages that showcase new collections with high-quality images and interactive content. 

With RCS carousels, brands can send personalized and interactive holiday campaigns

Incorporating elements like early access links or special discount codes, these RCS messages generate excitement and provide tangible benefits to subscribers. This strategy not only drives traffic and early sales but also fosters a sense of exclusivity and loyalty among customers. During the holiday season, when consumers seek unique gifts and deals, these exclusive RCS previews can significantly differentiate a brand and enhance customer engagement.

Elevate Your Holiday Campaigns This Season

RCS offers a dynamic and innovative approach to holiday marketing. With the above-mentioned RCS campaign ideas your business can elevate its service, engage customers more effectively, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. With its ability to deliver highly personalized and interactive messages, RCS has been shown to significantly improve conversion rates. For instance, businesses like the French insurance company Macif have reported click-through rates on RCS to be twice that of SMS and three times that of email.

As we approach the end of 2023, the number of RCS users worldwide is expected to exceed 1.2 billion, creating a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this technology. This is your chance to leverage technology to remain ahead of the competition!

Leveraging RCS API solutions offers businesses a powerful way to enhance customer interactions with rich, personalized messaging experiences. In this space, Gupshup’s conversational platform excels in providing robust RCS API capabilities and extending a suite of comprehensive messaging and AI-driven tools. This integration allows businesses to transition from advanced RCS seamlessly to broader marketing and customer service strategies. This makes Gupshup an ideal partner for your business to leverage RCS and its many capabilities to elevate your business messaging returns.

Christopher Freitas
Christopher Freitas
Christopher is a Senior Content Writer at Gupshup, with 7+ years of experience in Content. Driven by curiosity, he is excited by new tech across industries

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