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Build efficient workflows with advanced APIs

On August 9, 2021 | 3 Minutes Read
Advanced APIGeneric

Advanced APIs provide access to multi-step conversational messaging journeys that can make your workflow building more efficient. What’s the difference between simple APIs and advanced APIs? Simple API calls give you access to execute single steps. So, if you need to craft a multi-step messaging journey, you need to program those API calls individually within the workflow framework you are building. With Advanced APIs, you can get pre-built, customizable sequences that you can plugin and use to accelerate the automation of key business workflows.

Gupshup’s advanced API helps build compelling messaging experiences quickly. You can put into place a smooth workflow that lets you access multi-step conversational messaging capabilities.

Gupshup’s Advanced API capabilities

Some features of our advanced API capabilities include:

  • Messaging-based KYC processes for smooth onboarding.
  • Messages with one-click payment buttons to make your payment reminder messages actionable. This helps improve your payment collection rates and times immensely.
  • There are industry-specific dedicated workflows like Insurance and Vehicle Finance.
  • Induce lead generation workflows via SMS and QR codes.
  • Built-in solutions are available in regional languages to cater to more users digitally.
  • Get pre-built custom forms and messaging templates that are based on different business requirements.

Gupshup’s REST APIs for omni-channel messaging

You can quickly build interactive services and messaging bots for any messaging channel using our REST APIs. Some of these APIs are common across multiple channels, while there are a few which are channel-specific. We have APIs that support both plain-text messaging as well as smart messaging formats. Smart messages are ideal for developers who want to build more advanced workflows.

Gupshup’s REST APIs for in-app messaging

With our REST APIs, you can also build interactive services and messaging bots to be used along with in-app messaging. However, these are primarily server-side in-app APIs that can be used only in conjunction with our client-side mobile and in-app web SDKs or with our Teamchat app. Teamchat includes native support for smart messages that help developers who wish to build advanced bots and workflows. You can even customize smart messages to build advanced bots.

WhatsApp Business API

Today most of your customers are on WhatsApp. They use WhatsApp to be in touch with their family and friends and to communicate with their favorite brands. Businesses are already using WhatsApp informally, but with the advent of WhatsApp for Business, there is an immense growth in how enterprises are leveraging the power of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business API is a new way for businesses to better engage with their customers via conversational messaging.

Gupshup’s Messaging API for WhatsApp Business helps businesses in sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp. Developers and IT personnel of enterprises can use the Messaging API to integrate WhatsApp with their technology stack or build a chatbot. Read here to know more about Gupshup’s Business API for WhatsApp.

Advanced API for your business

With the Gupshup solution, shorten the overall development time needed to build multi-step workflows. This will also overall improve customer engagement by digitizing physical workflows. Check out our detailed documentation on API for developers. Our Single API helps you create seamless conversations across SMS, Voice, and IP Messaging.

Get in touch with us today to know customizable solutions for your enterprise.

Sujatha Menon
Senior Content Writer

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