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Why Embracing Automation and Conversational AI is Crucial for Marketers’ Success?

On June 4, 2024 | 8 Minutes Read
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In today’s global market, embracing automation has become second nature for customers, with various forms of automation integrated into their daily lives. This could range from an automated text confirming an appointment, an auto-generated ‘thank you’ email after a purchase, to reminders about upcoming subscription expirations. Embracing conversational AI is particularly noteworthy, with chatbots playing a significant role in customer interactions. Notably, studies reveal that 70% of U.S. shoppers surveyed frequently use a site’s chatbot during their visits. By embracing conversational AI and chatbots, businesses can significantly enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

So why are marketers hesitant to fully embrace automation and AI? 

According to a Gartner study, a significant 73% of marketers surveyed express skepticism towards entrusting machine learning or artificial intelligence with critical decisions. Many are reluctant to integrate automation into their existing and future marketing strategies, which may be impeding their progress. Key factors contributing to this reluctance include a lack of understanding of how automation functions, difficulty in explaining the workings of automation, and the prevalence of complex technical jargon used by data scientists. Embracing conversational AI and automation could be pivotal in overcoming these challenges and unlocking new opportunities for marketers.

The takeaway? Marketers often feel uninformed about how to embrace automation and how it can benefit them.

That’s where we come in, to bridge the gap in understanding and empower marketing leaders by embracing automation and AI. We’ll help you discover the benefits automation can bring to enterprise businesses. Read on to learn how to start embracing conversational AI and automation to better engage your audience, scale customer communications, and drive continuous growth. Embrace conversational AI chatbots and see how they can transform your marketing efforts.

Embrace Automation for Enhanced Customer Engagement

A recent study from Harvard Business Review found that 88% of respondents agree customer engagement significantly impacts their organization’s bottom line. It’s clear that keeping audiences engaged with relevant and meaningful touchpoints is critical for marketers. However, many miss the opportunity to fully embrace automation and AI in their marketing channels.

Embracing automation and AI is essential for increasing customer engagement. Tools like conversational AI chatbots can review past interactions to gather critical first-party data on customer preferences, order history, previous questions, and more. With this data, marketers can create highly personalized, automated messages to boost engagement. By leveraging conversational AI chatbots, you can send curated messages to customers, including their favorite products and services, and automate these messages to scale marketing outreach across target audiences.

Messaging apps can provide the best automated and personalized experience for your customers, using conversations to engage prospects at the top of the marketing funnel and nurture them with relevant content throughout the middle. Engaging content like videos and links can make or break a potential sale and build loyalty. A Gartner survey showed that 73% of customers appreciate proactive educational content about products and services, and 62% are more likely to buy from a brand offering helpful content.

Embracing automation to deliver relevant and informative content helps nurture potential customers and drive sales without requiring extra manpower from customer service agents. Your customers want to engage with the content you share. Integrating automation into this process helps your business reach customers across time zones and scale outreach to promote growth.

Combining automation with a human touch ensures customers are happy and know they can still reach a real person when needed. Embrace conversational AI and chatbots to transform your customer engagement strategy and drive continuous growth.

Embrace Automation for Transforming Funnel Conversations

Embrace Automation for Transforming Funnel

Automation has the power to transform conversations across the marketing funnel.

Are you maximizing the performance of your marketing funnel? If you haven’t embraced automation and AI tools like chatbots and live chat in your digital channels, think again. By 2024, 75% of internet users worldwide will use a messaging app monthly. With an audience increasingly using messaging apps, automating your messaging flows is crucial to reaching these customers. According to Forrester’s 2021 Moments Map, 50% of US online adults use chat to make purchases, with usage peaking at 62% among 25- to 34-year-olds.

To fully embrace the benefits of automation, marketers should implement it across the entire marketing funnel, saving time and creating efficiency at all stages. Automated outreach on messaging apps can engage customers at the top of the funnel with introductory messages about new products, and guide them through the middle and bottom of the funnel to assist in making purchases. Embracing conversational AI allows these automated interactions to be highly personalized using first-party data, enabling customers to engage with various content types and learn more about your brand and products.

Nurturing prospects with relevant content and offers is a major benefit of embracing conversational AI. Customers can seek information at their convenience, setting the pace for interaction. Automated responses to inquiries maintain high response rates, providing customers with the answers they need and building loyalty. Newly acquired leads can be nurtured with automated replies to FAQs, qualifying prospects without additional agent involvement. Quick reply buttons in automated messages simplify customer responses, allowing for efficient communication. Prospects can easily learn more, check availability, place an order, or speak to a live agent.

While you implement automated messages across your marketing funnel keep in your mind that personalization is the key factor to ensuring higher engagement rates. Keep messages useful and relevant to your audience. Not sure how to begin embracing automation and conversational AI in your customer interactions? We’ve got you covered.

Embrace Automation with Automated WhatsApp Messages

Below are some examples of automated WhatsApp messages your business can start using now:

When you begin embracing automation into your chat flows, remember that you can automate at any stage. If your business struggles with low engagement levels, try integrating automation at the awareness stage. If conversion rates are a concern, work automation into the middle or bottom of your funnel.

Relevant reminders and notifications on WhatsApp are a simple and effective place to start. Automated recurring messages can help your business remind customers of upcoming monthly subscriptions, to top up their minutes, get account balance statements, and much more. Re-engaging customers who have dropped out of your funnel with an automated cart abandonment reminder can help put your business back on their radar. Coupling an abandoned cart reminder with a coupon or offer can help customers make the decision to purchase, a proven way to increase conversion rates.

Automated WhatsApp messages with birthday rewards or personalized coupons are excellent for keeping customers engaged throughout the year, whether they’ve recently made a purchase or not. Letting your customers know you value their business with a special discount can win them over and keep your business top-of-mind instead of your competitors.

Embrace conversational AI and chatbots to automate these interactions and enhance customer engagement. By integrating automation and AI into your messaging flows, you can effectively reach customers at every stage of the funnel and drive continuous growth.

Showcase a new product

Showcase a New Product with Automated Messages:


  • Embrace automation to create scalable outreach that boosts product awareness among a broad audience.
  • Simplify customer responses with quick reply buttons, making it easy and effortless.
  • Utilize conversational AI to instantly connect customers with an agent for more information.

Engage Leads with Automated Chatbot Responses After Ad Clicks:


  • Embrace conversational AI to engage prospects immediately after they click the CTA in your ad, maximizing their interest and nurturing the opportunity.
  • Offer simple response options to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
  • Use AI to curate a personalized list of products based on customer responses.
  • Keep customers engaged with relevant content and additional information as needed.

Re-engage Customers with Automated Special Offer Messages:


  • Promote new products through engaging media messages by embracing automation.
  • Increase conversion rates by reminding customers of incomplete purchases and offering promotional sales.
  • Leverage conversational AI chatbots to provide customers with a personalized list of products based on their preferences.

Harness the power of automation and conversational AI to enhance customer interactions and drive business growth through these effective messaging strategies.

Simplify Automated Marketing with WhatsApp

Now is the time to embrace automation and AI across your marketing funnel. Embracing automation helps marketing leaders increase engagement and reach across multiple audiences. Use automated messages to nurture new leads, moving them through the funnel more quickly and efficiently, while saving marketing dollars and resources.

Integrating a conversational AI chatbot into your WhatsApp conversations is both easy and effective, helping you scale and drive better business outcomes. Want to learn more? Contact Us today!.

Embrace conversational AI and chatbots to streamline your marketing efforts and achieve superior results.

Divya Shukla
Divya is a multifaceted writer and a journalism graduate. A wordsmith by profession and passion, she crafts compelling narratives as a seasoned content writer while also weaving poetic tapestries in her leisure moments. Whether delving into informational prose or evocative verse, her love for the written word brings finesse to every piece she pens down.

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