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It’s Holi: WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions During the Festival of Colors

On March 21, 2024 | 10 Minutes Read
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In 2023, the Holi festival significantly boosted the Indian market, generating a turnover of approximately Rs 25,000 crore—a 25% increase compared to the previous year. This year, projections from the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) suggest a continuation of this growth, with the festival expected to bring in a revenue of about Rs 50,000 crore for traders and retailers which is up by nearly 50% from the previous year. This substantial economic contribution highlights the vast potential Holi holds for businesses seeking to capitalize on the festive momentum.

With WhatsApp’s widespread use in India, businesses have a prime opportunity to leverage this platform for targeted marketing campaigns during Holi. By integrating effective WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Holi, companies can maximize sales. This can be done by engaging the audience with personalized messages, exclusive offers, and interactive content to tap into the festive fervor. 

This blog explores how businesses can utilize WhatsApp Automation and the WhatsApp Business API to convert their engagement into tangible sales during the festive season.

Mastering the Art of WhatsApp Automation for Festive Engagement

Holi Mega Sale

WhatsApp Automation enables businesses to paint their customer interactions with precision, efficiency, and creativity. With the WhatsApp Business API serving as the color palette, companies can automate festive greetings, offers, and updates, ensuring that every message is a stroke of relevance and timeliness.

Engaging Customers with Personalized Messages

The first step in capturing your audience’s attention is through personalized Holi wishes. WhatsApp automation allows businesses to send out thousands of customized messages in a blink. From greeting your customers with their first names to recommending products based on their past behaviors, automation adds a personal touch at scale.

Tips for Personalization:

Use WhatsApp’s template messages to send personalized Holi greetings that resonate with your customers’ spirits. Embedding their names and customizing offers to their preferences adds a personal touch that can transform goodwill into sales. Using Gupshup’s Customer 360 to personalize every interaction here is what you can do:

  • Use First Names: Address your recipients by their first names to create a more intimate and personalized message.
  • Customize Offers: Tailor offers based on customer preferences and previous purchase history to make them more relevant.
  • Festive Emojis: Use Holi-related emojis to make your message vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Clear Call-to-Action: Whether it’s visiting your website, checking out a new product, or registering for an event, include a clear call-to-action in your message.
  • Engagement Via Festive Dialogues: Initiate interactive sessions or live demos that highlight the festive use of your products, or host Q&A sessions to address Holi-related queries. Post-purchase, automated feedback requests can gather insights while keeping the festive engagement alive.

Painting Success with WhatsApp Templates for Holi:

WhatsApp templates are like premixed colors, ready to be used to create beautiful Holi messages that captivate and engage. These templates allow for the automation of greetings, offers, and festival news, ensuring consistency and compliance while still offering a personalized touch. Here are some crafted message templates that businesses can use in their WhatsApp Marketing Campaign to spread the festive cheer, tailored to various campaign goals as shown in the image below:

Brand Awarness

Brand Awareness

  • Template:

Happy Holi!  This festival, let’s add vibrant colors to our lives and our relationships. [Your Brand Name] is here to make your celebrations brighter with [offer/special product]. Let’s make this Holi unforgettable!

Product Launch

  • Template:

Introducing our [New Product] this Holi! Let the colors of joy, innovation, and celebration be a part of your life. Dive into the festivity with [Your Brand Name]. Check out our latest addition now!

Lead Generation

  • Template:

Is your Holi shopping list ready yet? Add [Your Product/Service] to bring extra joy to your celebrations. Sign up now to get a special Holi discount. Don’t miss out!

Sales Increase

  • Template:

Special Holi Offer Just For You! Enjoy a vibrant Holi with great discounts on our entire range. Use the code HOLI2024 to get your exclusive deal. Shop now!

Event Promotion

  • Template:

Join us for a Holi Event like no other!  [Event details]. Let’s celebrate the festival of colors with fun, food, and music. Register now to secure your spot. [Your Brand Name] awaits you!

Transforming Festive Engagement into Sales: with WhatsApp Marketing Strategies:

The ultimate aspiration of weaving WhatsApp Marketing Strategies into your Holi campaigns is to see the vibrant engagement translate into colorful sales. Exploring the dynamic world of Holi marketing via WhatsApp API calls for innovation, tailored messaging, and a dash of festive cheer. Here’s a roadmap to leveraging WhatsApp’s capabilities for a Holi campaign that’s as vivid and engaging as the festival:

Techniques to Maximize Sales 

  • Themed Campaigns for Holi

Design messages that capture Holi’s essence with lively images, captivating videos, and expressive language to bring out the festive spirit. Leverage the festival’s various aspects to craft your messages with colorful images and engaging videos. Showcasing your products in the spirit of Holi can significantly enhance customer engagement and interest. 

For example, a fashion brand could highlight their Holi apparel line with, “Embrace Holi’s Vibrancy with Our Colorful Collection!”


Embrace the Spirit of Holi with [Your Brand Name]!

Dive into the festival of colors with our exclusive Holi collection. From vibrant attire to colorful accessories, dress in the colors of joy this Holi. Check it out now! [Link to collection]

  • Customized Festive Wishes

Leverage customer insights to dispatch customized Holi wishes. Timing these messages can add an element of delight. Use WhatsApp’s template messages to send personalized Holi greetings that resonate with your customers’ spirits. Embedding their names and customizing offers to their preferences adds a personal touch that can transform goodwill into sales. 

For instance, a tailored greeting might say, “Joyful Holi, [Name]! Revel in a day as bright and cheerful as our new spring line.”


Happy Holi, [Name]! 

May your Holi be filled with joy, laughter, and a palette of colors. Let [Your Brand Name] add to your celebration with our special spring collection.  Explore now!

  • Exclusive Holi Promotions

Broadcast special Holi promotions for WhatsApp contacts. Let your campaign be a canvas that reflects the spirit of Holi – from special discounts on certain products to exclusive access to Holi-themed events. Make your messaging as dynamic and colorful as the festival itself. 

A straightforward, “Get 20% off across our store this Holi! A treat for our WhatsApp community,” fosters a sense of urgency and belonging.


Holi Special Offer Just For You, [Name]!

Celebrate this Holi with 20% off on all our products, exclusively for our WhatsApp community. Use code HOLI20 at checkout. Don’t miss out! [Link to offer]

Happy Holi - Whatsapp Campign

  • Engaging and Shareable Content

Involve your audience with themed interactive content like polls, quizzes, or games. A fun quiz, “Find Your Holi Color Personality!” encourages engagement and sharing.


Which Holi Color Matches Your Personality? 

Take our fun quiz and find out! Plus, share your results with friends for a chance to win exciting Holi gifts from [Your Brand Name]. Start the quiz now! [Link to quiz]

  • Mystery Offers with Digital Scratch Cards

Incorporate fun with digital scratch cards that unveil hidden deals. “Uncover Your Holi Gift! Scratch here for a surprise discount on your next order.”


Scratch and Win This Holi! 

Hi [Name], here’s a digital scratch card with a surprise gift from us to make your Holi even more special. Scratch here [Link to scratch card] to reveal your prize!

  • Instant Alerts on Flash Sales

Use timely messages to inform about flash sales, creating a sense of immediacy. For instance, “Hurry! 50% off on Holi essentials for the next 3 hours. Don’t miss out!”


Flash Sale Alert! 

50% off on all Holi essentials for the next 3 hours only! Gear up for a colorful celebration with [Your Brand Name]. Shop now before it’s all gone! [Link to sale]

Conversational AI

  • Special Holi Bundles

Promote Holi-themed packages for a festive experience.For instance: “Our Exclusive Holi Bundle: organic colors, squirt guns, and snacks at a festive price!”


Get Ready for Holi with Our Exclusive Party Pack! 

Includes organic colors, water guns, and festive snacks at a special bundle price. Make your Holi celebration grand with [Your Brand Name]. Order yours now! [Link to bundle]

  • Exclusive Event Invites

Create templates for inviting customers to Holi events or online celebrations, making sure the invitation feels as warm and personal as a hand-written card. For example: “Celebrate Holi with us at our virtual party! Fun, music, and colors await. RSVP today!”


You’re Invited to Our Virtual Holi Bash! 

Join [Your Brand Name] for an unforgettable celebration filled with music, fun, and colors. Mark your calendar: [Date & Time]. RSVP here [Link] to secure your spot!

  • Rewards for Loyalty

Offer Holi-specific rewards or points to frequent customers. “We’ve credited 500 bonus points for Holi to your account as a thank you.”


As a token of our gratitude this Holi, [Name], we’ve added 500 bonus points to your loyalty account. Enjoy shopping our festive range with your bonus points. Happy Holi from all of us at [Your Brand Name]!

  • Insider Looks

Share glimpses of your team’s Holi preparations, adding a personal touch. Attach a message, “Share your Holi joy with us for a chance to win a Rs.1000 voucher!”


Behind the Scenes at [Your Brand Name]! 

Here’s how we’re prepping up to make your Holi extra special. Plus, share your Holi celebration with us and stand a chance to win a voucher worth Rs.1000! [Link to submit photos]

Special Holi Bundles

The WhatsApp Business API: Crafting Seamless Customer Experiences

At the heart of an engaging Holi campaign lies the WhatsApp Business API, the tool for automating communications, integrating with CRM systems, and ensuring that the festive cheer translates into seamless customer experiences while delivering engaging conversational marketing campaigns that reduces acquisition costs and drives conversions

Implementing WhatsApp API for better CX:

Showcasing Customer Experiences

  1. products this Holi.


Celebrate Holi with Inspiration!

Hey [Name], see how [Customer Name] brought their Holi to life with our festive decor kit! Ready to create your own magic? [Link to story or product] Let’s make this Holi unforgettable together. 

  1. Countdown to New Offerings: Generate excitement for upcoming launches.


The Countdown Has Begun!

Just 3 days left, [Name]! We’re launching something you’ll absolutely love this Holi. Keep an eye on your inbox; we promise it’s worth the wait. Stay tuned!

  1. Seamless Customer Assistance: Improve service with instant support via WhatsApp.


Need Help? Our Chatbot is Here 24/7! 🤖

Hello [Name], got questions about your Holi order or need assistance? Reply to this message anytime, and let’s sort it out together. Your festive spirit should be hassle-free!

  1. Re-engagement Outreach: Send messages to rekindle interest post-purchase.


Loved Your Holi Purchase? Let’s Spice It Up! 

Hi [Name], we hope you enjoyed your Holi celebration with [Product/Service]. As a thank you, here’s 10% off your next purchase! Use code HOLI10 at checkout. Enjoy!

Soliciting Feedback Post-Holi: Gather insights with post-event surveys.


We Value Your Feedback! 

Dear [Name], we hope you had a vibrant Holi! Could you spare a moment to share your experience with our Holi collection? [Feedback Link] As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a special coupon for your next purchase. Thank you for helping us improve!


Embracing these strategies can dramatically enhance your Holi marketing efforts, making each interaction more meaningful and sales-driven. Incorporating conversational AI tools from Gupshup can further amplify your reach and effectiveness, ensuring your campaign resonates well with the vibrant spirit of Holi. The festive essence, rich with colors, joy, and renewal, offers a perfect motif for businesses to design their marketing strategies. By leveraging the vibrant capabilities of WhatsApp Automation and the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can ensure that their festive messages not only deliver joy but also pave the way for sales, blending the age-old traditions of Holi with the innovative avenues of conversational marketing in the digital space. Let your businesses enter into fulfillment this Holi, painting a tale of engagement, satisfaction, and commercial success. Get in touch now!

Divya Shukla
Divya is a multifaceted writer and a journalism graduate. A wordsmith by profession and passion, she crafts compelling narratives as a seasoned content writer while also weaving poetic tapestries in her leisure moments. Whether delving into informational prose or evocative verse, her love for the written word brings finesse to every piece she pens down.

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