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How Generative AI Can Help Your Sales Team Sell Faster

On July 27, 2023 | 6 Minutes Read
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It’s bygones when sales teams were often de-prioritised for any digital transformation. The Sales function has undergone remarkable transformations with the introduction of AI and its diverse applications. Among them, Generative AI can be a valuable solution for enterprises looking to revolutionize their sales processes and drive unprecedented growth.

Generative AI holds significant potential within the sales domain, enabling efficient automation and optimization of diverse processes like lead generation, customer segmentation, personalized messaging, sales forecasting, and beyond. By leveraging Generative AI-powered technologies, sales teams make better decisions from data-driven insights, enrich customer experiences, and optimize overall sales operations.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the influence of Generative AI on the Sales department, and how it can help sales representatives to sell faster:

An infographic showing how generative AI is used in sales.

How will generative AI help your sales team?

As a sales manager, you are looking for ways to support your team, empower them with resources that help them optimize their time and reach targets. Harnessing generative AI, you provide each sales rep on your team with the perfect sales assistant that eliminates grunt work and lets them focus on selling. Here’s how.

1. Boost sales with personalization

Personalization is key to engaging customers and driving sales. Sales reps often face the challenge of crafting personalized pitches that resonate with potential clients. However, with generative AI your sales reps can create tailored and effective pitches based on customer queries, sales calls, and emails. 

  • Leveraging customer data

Imagine a SaaS company offering a suite of productivity tools. AI enables them to analyze vast amounts of customer usage data, such as frequently used features or specific tasks performed within the software. This valuable data provides insights into customer preferences and behaviors, serving as a foundation for creating personalized pitches.

  • Generating personalized recommendations

Your sales reps can utilize generative AI for tailored recommendations based on the analyzed customer data. For example, if a customer frequently uses the task management feature within the software, AI can suggest exploring complementary features such as time tracking or collaboration tools. 

These personalized recommendations empower customers to discover additional functionalities and optimize their software usage, ultimately increasing productivity and satisfaction.

Adoption of Generative AI in sales


2. Unleashing the power of data

Generative AI can help sales managers as well, easing your daily tasks, track target setting and performance, and help with sales rep performance management. By utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, generative AI systems can analyze vast amounts of sales data, uncover patterns, and generate actionable insights. 

These insights will help you make informed decisions on how to allocate resources, target specific geographies, build customer profiles, push product features, organize sales activities, and drive overall sales success.

  • Enhanced forecasting

With generative AI tools, sales managers gain access to predictive forecasting based on data-driven AI projections. By analyzing historical data, market trends, and various influencing factors, these tools provide accurate predictions of future sales performance. This valuable information allows you to make proactive decisions, allocate resources effectively, and set realistic targets.

  • Real-time insights and strategies

By analyzing vast datasets, AI tools identify patterns, uncover best practices, and highlight common objections faced by sales reps. With this you can develop targeted strategies that result in a sales force that operates with greater efficiency and achieves better outcomes.

  • Sales rep performance management

Managing sales team performance can be challenging, especially while pinpointing the causes of underperformance. However, generative AI can help you gain a clear understanding of your sales team’s performance and take actionable steps to drive improvement.

With generative AI, you can rank sales reps and compare their performance across a myriad of key metrics. By analyzing call recordings, seller actions, and win rates, generative AI will help you uncover valuable insights into what sets top performers apart from their peers. Suddenly, the guessing game transforms into a data-driven success strategy.

Thanks to AI, you can help your struggling reps by highlighting areas of improvement. Using AI, you can collate concrete evidence and identify specific aspects that need attention. You can incorporate these findings into a targeted performance improvement plan, tailored to each individual rep’s needs.

With generative AI by your side, you can supercharge their sales process, transform underperforming reps into sales superstars, and achieve unparalleled sales success.

3. Sales feedback and coaching

Generative AI tools excel in extracting valuable insights from sales calls, allowing sales managers to provide both generalized and individualized feedback. 

By analyzing call data, AI tools identify areas for improvement, common pitfalls, and successful techniques. This feedback can be used to coach sales reps, enhance their performance, and fine-tune their skills. 

Additionally, AI can create personalized coaching materials tailored to individual sales reps, and even provide interactive training simulations to prepare them for various scenarios. This comprehensive approach to sales training fosters continuous improvement, elevates the sales team’s capabilities, and drives overall sales success.

4. Automate admin jobs

Sales teams worldwide face a common pain point: excessive time spent on non-revenue-generating activities. Recent studies show that sales reps spend a significant 41% of their workday on tasks that don’t directly generate revenue, such as internal meetings, email correspondence, prospect research, manual cold emailing, CRM updates, and scheduling. 

With generative AI, you can revolutionize the sales process by automating these administrative tasks, allowing your sales reps to focus on what truly matters – closing deals and driving more sales. Here are two prominent examples that show how generative AI can benefit your sales reps.

  • Automated note-taking during sales calls

Salespeople enjoy engaging with leads on sales calls, but the process of transcribing and documenting those conversations can be time-consuming. Generative AI tools can accurately transcribe these calls, and generate comprehensive notes and action steps. 

38% of sales professionals already utilize AI to summarize sales calls. These AI tools seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, automatically adding these notes and acting as virtual assistants.  Not only it saves time for your sales reps, but it also ensures everyone on the team is privy to the details of the call.

  • Crafting outbound emails

Crafting persuasive and personalized emails for prospects is an essential but time-intensive task. AI-powered tools streamline this process by leveraging data from CRM systems and research tools to generate tailored prospect emails. 

These tools allow your sales reps to specify parameters and quickly obtain well-crafted emails that are grammatically correct and free of human errors. 

How Generative AI is impacting the sales journey.

The Future of Generative AI in Sales 

Sales is one of the top four areas where generative AI will deliver about 75% of its value. With the current strides in its capabilities, it can automate everyday tasks that can save your sales reps at least 60% to 70% of time and effort, which can be redirected to their primary responsibilities – nurturing leads, building customer relations, and driving sales and revenue.

Will AI replace sales reps? No! However, they have to upskill to harness the immense benefits generative AI can provide and supercharge the entire sales process. 

Generative AI is here to stay for the good, and as always, early adopters can cash-in on the early advantage. Sales managers that implement this tool into their sales process and drive early adoption stand to gain maximum ROI.

Help your sales teams close sales faster and boost revenue. 

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Christopher Freitas
Christopher Freitas
Christopher is a Senior Content Writer at Gupshup, with 7+ years of experience in Content. Driven by curiosity, he is excited by new tech across industries

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