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Omni-channel Messaging APIs are changing the way businesses communicate

On May 2, 2017 | 4 Minutes Read
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Mobile has emerged as the leading channel that customers use to engage with businesses. The trend observed among customers using mobiles is that they exhibit an Omni-channel Messaging behaviour which means, being connected to multiple messaging media like SMS, email, voice and apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. They also expect personalised content across channels for an enhanced experience. These changing trends make it is essential for businesses to go where the customers are and grab their attention.

Omni-channel Messaging – Simple, Consistent and Engaging

Even today, businesses employ multiple people to manage customer communications, creating organisational silos that each focus only on one channel. This creates inconsistency in content directed to the customers and also results in higher costs. Omni-channel Messaging streamlines the messages that customers receive from a brand and ensures consistency across multiple communication channels like SMS, voice, email, newsletters, websites etc. Gupshup’s Omni-channel Messaging API‘s help businesses to instantly gain the presence on 21+ messaging channels, which include (1) 18 text messaging channels like SMS (2) In-App (3) Web (4) Voice and other Channel API’s for Google Home, IOT etc. The API provides the convenience of writing the code just once and then it can be published across any channel. With the help of Omni-channel Messaging, businesses can provide relevant content after clearly understanding the customer’s purchasing patterns.

Personalised and targeted Omni-channel marketing campaigns can arouse interest in a potential customer, drive him to visit a store or website, update and engage an existing customer and eventually win his loyalty. Presenting the content in the right context also makes the customer feel that using the service or purchasing a product of the business can directly benefit him. Thus it’s important to provide a holistic experience for customers and businesses should consider shifting more of their advertising spends to Omni-channel Messaging.

Get, Keep and Grow your customer base

Cross Promotional API provided by Gupshup is a very useful communication tool. Here, a promotional message is sent on the preferred communication channels of the customer immediately after a transaction. How is it useful? The customer has just initiated a transaction with your brand; you can cross-sell related products and services by sending a promotional message via Omni–channel Messaging media like SMS, email or even Facebook Messenger. This makes it effective in sustained brand recall and can ultimately result in product purchase or using your services.

A leading global bank wanted to endorse the brands partnered with the bank and also direct the behaviour of its customer towards the use of mobile banking services. The bank used Gupshup’s Cross Promotional API and observed that there was an increased participation towards the promotional offers and an adoption of mobile banking services.

Trace and Learn who views you

Another innovative tool is the Link Tracking API, this works by inserting short unique links in the communication channel used by your business. This not only encourages your customers to visit your website but also analyses the link responses in order to drive personalised campaigns for better customer engagement.

A quick service restaurant deployed the Link Tracking API and the analysis obtained was useful in comprehending the most effective time of the day and the location with the best response rate. This resulted in a reduction in the cost of acquiring new clients and better return on the promotional expenditure.

This is a representation of Gupshup’s Omni-channel Messaging Platform.

Leave no customer behind

What’s more, the linguistic challenge in an SMS can be eliminated by using the multilingual platform enabled by Gupshup. This helps in micro-targeting and ensures that no customer is missed out from the promotional campaign launched by the business. An adhesive manufacturing company wanted to target the tier 2 and 3 cities of its customer base. For this purpose, the SMS’s were customised as per the languages spoken in those cities and the outcome was a more effective promotional campaign.

The more detailed the better

The intelligent lookup API offered by Gupshup provides circle and carrier details, DND status, mobile number portability status and inactivity status of the mobile number. With facilities like these, a business can segment the market; know the exact details of its target audience, send messages at the right time and devote the required focus on potential customers.

Omni-channel Messaging has made conversations more involving and has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Deploying Omni-channel Messaging APIs are the ideal solution as it makes it possible for businesses to reach and acquire a broader audience, ensures consistent and relevant communication across all channels and has the ability to effectively engage with your customers.

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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