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How Conversational AI Is Disrupting Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

On February 25, 2022

Modern consumers are empowered with digital tools that enable them to access and communicate directly with manufacturers from all over the world. These new capabilities have irrevocably changed the traditional buyer’s logistical journey.

Logistics and supply chain companies that once took their production and delivery planning cues from front-end functions like marketing and sales have become the first point of contact for customers at every level. As a result, businesses are turning to Conversational AI in order to automate time-consuming actions, provide 24X7 customer assistance and save money. 

Learn about the ways Conversational AI is disrupting the logistics and supply chain industry.

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This guide will explore:

  • Factors that affect the logistics industries to use AI
  • Conversational messaging strategy for the logistics industry
  • Benefits of implementing chatbots in logistics
  • Practical applications and use cases of Conversational AI in logistics

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