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Automobile FAQ

The Automobile Dealership chatbot enables conversational interactions between automobile dealerships and customers. Using a chat-based interface, customers can raise inquiries, discover products, book test drives, check for availability, buy vehicles (booking), make payments, book services, and give feedback.

We have integrations with the credit report bureau which helps dealership and lending companies to qualify the leads. 

Like a sales rep who has answers to all queries by customers, the automobile dealership chatbot does the exact same thing. The chatbot is initiated via a QR code placed on physical surfaces such as store premises, billboards, print marketing/stickers on the vehicles sold and serviced by the store, back of the seats, car dashboard, etc. The chatbot can also be initiated by a link or widget placed on the website of the store.

The chatbot link can also be sent to customers via SMS and WhatsApp or can be on the website of the dealership.

With the Automobile Dealership chatbot on your website, engage with visitors and generate leads. Service requests can be placed via the chatbot without speaking to executives. The conversational AI engine answers frequently asked queries and prospects can book a test drive through the chatbot. Buyers can also book a car by paying in advance through embedded payment links, search for finance options or check loan eligibility through the chatbot.

Get a complete digital experience for customers with our simple chat-based interface. Enable a single point of contact for customers, without depending on the availability of a particular rep who sold the car.

Chatbots are available 24*7 for both customers and the store. You can automate all processes like marketing, sales, operations, support and induce cost-saving due to less requirement of manpower.

We help you cover all your sales entry points. Embed QR codes on a physical or digital surface, send links on SMS and WhatsApp or embed the chat widget on your website.

The workflow is triggered when the QR code is scanned or the link on the website is clicked. Once the chatbot is triggered, the following steps are initiated :

  1. The user will be shown different menu items (e.g. Sales, Service, Other) for selection.
  2. After choosing a menu option, a workflow is triggered that will collect information from the user and give an appropriate response.
  3. The collected information is passed on to different integrated systems such as CRM.
  4. Human agents are notified to take on important queries that need intervention.
  5. An SMS is sent to the user to reinitiate the chat or with the resolution of the inquiry.

The Automobile Dealership chatbot is helpful for brands and dealerships, automotive marketing teams, owners of the dealership, etc.

Yes, you can integrate the chatbot to a native mobile app. We provide a chat SDK which can be embedded in mobile apps. So, automobile companies can use the same chatbot in their own native apps also. Please reachout to our sales team to get a quote or know more about the automobile chatbot.