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How FloCareer Mastered The Art Of Customer Experience At Scale

On June 06, 2022



In episode 20 of the Conversational Messaging podcast, Mehul Bhatt, CEO and Co-founder of FloCareer, engages with Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, VP of Marketing at Gupshup and talks about how FloCareer helps businesses secure top-tier talent using automation. They also discuss the ways chatbots can help streamline the hiring process end-to-end.

Automation Is Key To Streamlining The Hiring Process

On average, the hiring process can take anywhere from two-four weeks. The process isn’t as simple as reviewing a job application and hiring the candidate. In fact, it’s complex and extremely time-consuming in terms of finding the availability of multiple parties and scheduling times for interviews. Mehul shares how automation helps streamline the coordination between different stakeholders like the job seeker, the HR, and the support team. 

Connecting With Prospective Customers via Personalised Omnichannel Messaging

In this digital age, now more than ever, it has become important to deliver personalised messaging and engage & build trust and lasting relationships with customers. This can be successfully achieved by humanising and unifying communication through multiple channels, such as WhatsApp.

When we say bot, it’s not just a simple Chatbot anymore. Today it can interact in various ways like a human. The tech-savvy people are very comfortable conversing with a chatbot because texting versus calling is much more efficient.


Listen to the podcast and automate your HR processes with Gupshup. Talk to us.

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