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Crafting Perfect WhatsApp Campaigns for the Cricket World Cup Season

On October 11, 2023 | 10 Minutes Read
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Alright, Cricket enthusiasts and marketing mavens, let’s play a quick over, shall we? Picture this:

On the pitch of WhatsApp, with every bat swing and ball’s curve, your brand’s message takes flight. Not in a stadium, but within the world’s top messaging platform, supercharged by its API.

As the World Cup fervor amplifies, we’re blending the thrill of cricket with WhatsApp Business Solutions prowess. Regardless of which team jersey you sport, our game plan ensures your brand messages hit the boundary every time.

This isn’t a mere game of passing messages. It’s strategic, mirroring the artistry of a classic cricket shot. With WhatsApp Business Automation as your MVP (Most Valuable Platform), every delivery (or message) shines. And for that championship touch? Lean on the expertise of a seasoned WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to bowl over your audience.

By leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, you’re not only getting your message across; you’re starting a conversation, building a rapport, and maybe even turning a simple chat into a stadium-sized cheer for your brand.

So, are you ready to bowl your customers over and hit a marketing century? Strap on your pads, mark your guard, and let’s delve deep into “Wickets & Widgets”!

From Overs to Offers: WhatsApp Messaging Magic for the World Cup Season

WhatsApp Messaging for the World Cup 2023

The fervor of the Cricket World Cup season is akin to the Football World Cup Tournament. Every ball bowled, every shot played captures the imagination of millions, and is an opportunity. Much like the precision of a bowler’s delivery or a batsman’s stroke, marketing in the era of the Cricket World Cup demands finesse, timing, and strategy. In this cricketing frenzy, WhatsApp Business API and chatbots can be your star players, helping you hit the marketing boundaries. Welcome to Wickets & Widgets – where we seamlessly blend your marketing pitches into match-winning WhatsApp messages by detailing on how to run a WhatsApp campaign this World Cup season.

How to Run a WhatsApp campaign?

1. Pre-Match Warm-Up: Know Your Audience

A cricketer never steps onto the field without understanding the pitch or the opposition. Similarly, before you dive into crafting your WhatsApp campaign, invest time in understanding your audience’s cricketing jargon. Are they die-hard test match lovers, or do they thrive on the adrenaline of T20? Tailor your messages to resonate with their love for the game.

World Cup Campaign Image WhatsApp Business Pro Tip


A sportswear brand, ahead of the World Cup season can roll out a WhatsApp chatbot survey asking users about their design preferences aligned with cricket themes such as cricket equipment, associated texts,  favorite teams and players, etc. Based on the results, they can segment their audience and send personalized offers – like discounts on jerseys of the top-picked teams.

The fashion brands, expecting increased footfall during match hours, can then utilize the survey insights to offer special discounts on specific merchandise during the games of the most popular teams among their user base as illustrated below:

World Cup Campaign WhatsApp Messaging

2. Powerplay: Timely and Relevant Messaging

The first few overs in the game, known as the powerplay, are crucial. This is your opportunity to make an impact. Design your WhatsApp messages to be timely and relevant. Send them when they matter the most and are most likely to be opened and read – maybe right after a thrilling match or a historic win.


A Restaurant, leveraging the hype of a nail-biting match, sends messages leveraging WhatsApp business automation and inviting the target audience to watch the match with the dining experience right at their restaurant without missing out on the much-hyped moment during the match while cooking!  One such example can be: “Don’t want to cook during the India vs. Australia thriller? Join us for the India vs Australia World Cup Screening! Here’s 20% off for tonight’s match!”

Furthermore, a Gaming App, aiming to attract more users on its app, sends real-time offers to earn more by utilizing the gaming spirit that goes right when the target audience is immersed in the game spirit. Follow the illustrations below:

World Cup Campaign WhatsApp Business API

3. Spin & Swing in the Middle Overs: Engaging Content with Chatbots

Much like a spinner adds twists to the game, add interactive elements to your campaign. Utilize chatbots to engage users with fun quizzes, match predictions, or trivia. Keep the engagement high, just like the runs in the middle overs.


A business may initiate a quiz bot asking users to guess the outcome of particular matches. Winners receive discount codes. Also, the businesses can use a chatbot to provide daily trivia challenges, with top scorers getting additional credits or points in the app as showcased below:

World Cup Campaign WhatsApp API

4. The Death Overs: Drive Action

The final overs of a cricket match, known as the death overs, are when the game reaches its climax. Similarly, ensure that your WhatsApp messages contain compelling CTAs that instill an action. Whether it’s availing a discount, signing up, or sharing feedback – make the call to action clear and compelling.

Effective CTA can be “Last over, last chance! Grab our World Cup special before the final ball is bowled.”


Businesses, in the spirit of the World Cup, can send messages like, “The final match is near, and so is our final sale! Grab your favorites now!” On the other hand, a ticketing website can push a message asking its target audience to get their tickets booked for the World Cup finale screening! Below are some sample conversations brands can head with:

Good CTAs for World Cup Campaigns on WhatsApp

5. The Dugout: Analyze and Adapt

A cricket team always runs a thorough post-game analysis to understand what worked and what didn’t. As a marketer, you should too. So, after every campaign, dive into the analytics. It’s crucial to understand the campaign’s positives as well as the areas of opportunities. Review key metrics like the open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates of your WhatsApp campaigns. Refine and adapt based on these insights for the next campaign.


Businesses, after launching replicas of products used by the players or World Cup-themed product lines and promoting them via WhatsApp Business solution, dive into metrics. They notice that a shoe used by one of the team players has higher click-through rates and then push more content around those specific products as shown below:

World Cup Post Campaign Analysis on WhatsApp

6. The Super Over: Exclusive Deals and Limited Offers

Super overs in cricket are rare, high-energy, and packed with anticipation. Create the same excitement with exclusive deals and limited-time offers.


  1. A gaming console brand, leveraging the excitement of a Super Over, rolls out a message saying, “As thrilling as this Super Over – an exclusive 1-hour flash sale on our cricket games!”
  2. A restaurant, during a super over, pushing a message: “Pulse racing with the Super Over? Heat things with our fiery deals! Order in the next hour for a flat 30% off. Want to feast on the excitement?”

World Cup Exclusive Deals and Limited Offers on WhatsApp

7. A Strong Playing XI: Integration with Other Tools

Your marketing strategy should be like a well-balanced cricket team. While WhatsApp Business API and chatbots are your star players, don’t forget to integrate them with other tools. Perhaps your CRM system or email marketing tool can provide valuable data to further refine your messaging.


  1. A travel agency, promoting World Cup tour packages, not only uses WhatsApp Business Solutions for promotions but also integrates customer queries with their CRM. This ensures timely follow-ups post the initial WhatsApp interaction.
  2. An electronics store integrates its email marketing tool with WhatsApp. Users who click on a product link in the WhatsApp message but do not purchase, receive a follow-up email with an additional discount.

WhatsApp Business API and chatbots for the World Cup

8. Strike the Perfect Balance:

In the riveting game of cricket, strategy, timing, and execution are paramount. The same principles apply to WhatsApp marketing. With the Wickets & Widgets approach, you’re not just playing; you’re playing to win. Just as in cricket, where merely playing isn’t enough and teams aim for victory, in marketing, the goal isn’t just to send messages but to achieve tangible results, like conversions and sales.

Craft messages that resonate with the rhythm of the World Cup, and watch your engagement rates soar. In cricket and marketing, balance is the key. Just as a cricket team needs both strong batsmen and bowlers, in marketing, a balanced approach, using both promotional and informational content, can be most effective. Let’s master this game together. Delve deeper into the world of WhatsApp Business API and chatbots. Craft the perfect pitch, deliver the ideal message, and watch your brand hit it out of the park.

The examples stated in the blog illustrate the versatility of WhatsApp Business API and chatbots, especially when melded with the excitement of the Cricket World Cup season. By tailoring strategies to audience preferences and real-time events, brands can drive engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Batting for Business: WhatsApp Mastery with Gupshup this World Cup

Alright, team, let’s dive back into the cricket and digital fusion. When we talk strategy, just as in cricket where we have star batsmen and bowlers, in the digital landscape, we have the WhatsApp Business API, Solutions, and Automation. The WhatsApp API is like your solid opener, setting the tone with direct customer chats. The WhatsApp Business Solution? It is a toolkit that lets you craft personalized, timely, and impactful messages. Consider it your versatile all-rounder, shaping those perfect messages for maximum impact.

And finally, with WhatsApp Business Automation – it’s your team captain, making sure your messages are spot-on and timely. It’s akin to having a personal assistant that manages and schedules your messages, ensuring they reach your audience at just the right moments. Now, why is all this crucial? Well, in today’s fast-paced world, customers crave instant, relevant communication. And by tapping into these tools, businesses can foster stronger connections, drive higher engagement, and ultimately, boost sales.

In the bustling arena of customer engagement, the name of the game is crafting a full-funnel experience. With the transformative power of Conversational AI, brands can elevate every interaction, ensuring a seamless and enriched customer journey from awareness to conversion. Leveraging the WhatsApp Business Solution allows brands not only to enhance every step of this funnel but also to build a robust first-party database, setting the stage for impactful future campaigns. Now, here’s where the best WhatsApp business API provider steps up to the crease. Eager to optimize your World Cup campaigns and navigate the full funnel with finesse? Dive deeper into the Gupshup advantage here.

Elevate Your Game with Gupshup!

Stay ahead of the game, always. Dive into the exciting world of WhatsApp Business Automation and chatbots. Turn pitches into perfect messages and score big this season!

This World Cup season, may your brand’s messages be as memorable as the matches themselves. Get ready to bowl over your audience and bat your way to marketing success. Ready to score big with your marketing this World Cup season? Wondering how to get WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp chatbots? Partner with Gupshup, the leading WhatsApp Business Solution provider.

Divya Shukla
Divya is a multifaceted writer and a journalism graduate. A wordsmith by profession and passion, she crafts compelling narratives as a seasoned content writer while also weaving poetic tapestries in her leisure moments. Whether delving into informational prose or evocative verse, her love for the written word brings finesse to every piece she pens down.

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