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Education FAQ

Conversational messaging enables human-like conversations on commerce, marketing and sales, on messaging channels that users are already comfortable with.

Conversational messaging provides the ability to define conversational experiences for commerce, marketing and support using chatbots and the ability to deploy these experiences on any messaging channel using a messaging API. Our world-renowned single API for messaging is tightly coupled with a conversational experience-building toolset that includes a chatbot platform, conversational marketing tools and IP messaging channel, Gupshup Messaging.

Our conversational messaging solutions for edtech involve taking users through the process of lead gen, onboarding, doubt solving, and other journeys. We enable AI-powered Conversational Learning which transforms parent and student engagement for a better learning experience.

Yes, you can send automated notifications to students via messages.

Yes, counsellors and tutors can interact with students, solve their queries using the edtech chatbot.

Because students are instantly available on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and SMS. Messaging channels enable students to communicate with their instructors to ask questions, resolve doubts, and share thoughts. Students also expect their teachers to be available on messaging platforms for ad-hoc communications.

Students are active on channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram. Adding on to that, Facebook and SMS must not be ignored.

Yes, with Gupshup’s AI & NLP engine, it is possible to configure answers to frequently asked questions by students.

We leverage the power of 3 AI-powered self-serve conversational tools; no-code AI tools, low-code AI tools and yo-code AI tools.

No-code AI tools let you choose from a list of pre-built bot templates, customize its content and instantly publish it. With such tools, you can launch a fully functional Edtech bot in minutes.

Low-code AI tools include the flow builder, which helps you create your conversation flow with a graphical editor and create detailed and advanced conversational bots using just point-and-click tools.

Yo-code AI tools include certain scripting tools for modeling dialog; or link with tools like Dialogflow and Rasa.

Apart from the above mentioned, we also have pre-trained Edtech-specific AI models that help automate course registration, exam notifications, doubt solving, payment, and consultative selling workflows. With the NLP API, process natural language queries with no extra training.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the capability of a computer program to understand human languages. Our ‘NLP on the fly‘ API can be used to process natural language queries. This API combines semantic search intent extraction and entity extraction capabilities into one easy-to-use API. The key differentiator between ‘NLP on the fly’ and other NLP tools available is that there is no necessity to train the NLP model before implementing it. Hence the name ‘NLP on the fly’.

Integrate the Edtech chatbot with your existing CMS, website / app and IT infrastructure to give a holistic experience to students and parents using your platform. Provide 24×7 assistance so that students can learn at their convenient time, and engage for help if required. You can convert digital workflows on the website / app such as course purchase to conversational workflows. Control overheads by reducing staff involvement and deploying an AI-layer for intelligent conversations. Lastly, gain a competitive edge over other educational institutes in terms of technology and student experience.