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Fintech FAQ

A fintech chatbot application empowers fintech firms to transform customer engagement and deliver meaningful customer experiences with every interaction. Powered by conversational AI, the chatbot understands user requests, interprets them based on its understanding of human language, and then provides a contextual and prompt solution.

By using a conversational messaging platform like Gupshup , fintech companies can acquire, engage with and retain customers across 30+ messaging channels across commerce, marketing and support. And they can do this at scale for a wide variety of use cases at a minimal cost.

A fintech chatbot is so versatile and flexible that it supports multiple applications and use cases, including payments, credit card renewals, KYC, EMI collections, lead generation, marketing campaigns, QR code for outdoor media, and call centre automation. Fintech companies can leverage a Fintech chatbot AI platform like Gupshup to create a customised chatbot for many uses, like:

  • Customer portfolio management (stocks, mutual funds, gold, etc.)
  • Product upsells or cross-sells
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Financial statement downloads
  • Nominee updates, etc.

Enhanced customer and lead engagement is the most vital benefit of a chatbot for fintech. By providing customers with a user-friendly, low-friction, versatile engagement medium, fintech firms can also garner other benefits from a fintech chatbot. They can provide more complex services that are not possible with web or mobile app experiences. Moreover, customers don’t have to navigate complex workflows to find the solutions or answers they seek since the chatbot simplifies tasks over their preferred messaging channels.

With a Gupshup chatbot, customers can get timely responses, customised advisory services, faster transactions, instant approvals, and seamless, 24×7 support. All these benefits translate into excellent customer experiences that lead to enhanced customer retention, repeat business, and significant profits for the company.

Intelligent conversational AI technology with pre-built AI templates, AI plug-in tools, pre-trained AI models, and bot discovery tools power most fintech chatbots. It supports rich media like video and images, keyword-based responses, interactive buttons, and even suggested response options that simplify the engagement experience for users and impact the entire customer lifecycle in positive ways.

In addition, Gupshup’s unique, easy-to-configure messaging API supports multiple messaging types (voice, SMS, data, WhatsApp, RCS, Gupshup Messaging, etc.), advanced customisation, intelligent routing, horizontal scaling, excellent Quality of Service (QoS), and SSL encryption. The API also has direct operator connections in 190+ countries for advanced scalability and connectivity.

With a bot-builder platform like Gupshup, any fintech company can build its customised chatbot for any customer-facing application. With bot-builder self-serve tools, plus a no-code AI/low-code AI platform, fintech firms can easily custom-build intelligent fintech chatbots powered by Conversational AI. 

They can deliver rich, personalised content to every user, drive customer engagement and loyalty, and deliver meaningful experiences at scale without the need to do any coding from scratch. Moreover, the single Gupshup API supports over 39K bots that can handle every kind of fintech application, including product discovery, customer support, WhatsApp FAQs, 2FA notifications, omni-channel messaging, and much more.

The Gupshup platform and its single API supports Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Google Business Messaging (GBM). RCS is available in 63 countries and offers conversational two-way messaging for enhanced customer experiences. GBM enables fintech companies to reduce support wait time, drive traffic, create rich experiences, and drive greater customer loyalty. In addition, a fintech chatbot with the Gupshup API also supports Gupshup Messaging, WhatsApp, and 30+ other messaging channels.