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Improve Customer Experience with Conversational AI

In the present-day “buyer’s market”, terms like customer engagement, customer satisfaction and customer experience (CX) are all the rage. And with good reason.

The modern customer is informed, digitally-savvy, and demanding. Great products and suitable prices are not enough to satisfy them, much less earn their loyalty. They expect brands to understand them, hear them, and treat them as unique individuals. Instead of generic, cookie cutter-type shopping experiences, they expect smooth, convenient, and personalised experiences at every touchpoint, and every stage of their buying journey.

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Conversational Experiences, Conversational Marketing

Using conversational experience to drive sales and engagement



Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing |

Dec 12, 2017

The era of conversational experiences has arrived. The traditional means of marketing enshrined by the Yell and Sell methodology have ceased to leave a long-lasting impact. Customers of today want more than just being bombarded by promotional advertising; they want to be reached out personally.  They value the time taken by brands to address to them one on one. For businesses, conversational experiences provide a wide variety of advantages over the traditional means of marketing Continue Reading

Conversational Experiences, Smart Messaging

The messenger custom Chat plug-in on Open Beta


Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing |

Dec 05, 2017

Ever since Mark Zuckerburg announced chatbots at Facebook’s annual dev conference at f8 well over a year ago, the tech giant has been aggressively rolling out updates to optimize the bot experience and make it easier for businesses to build long-lasting bonds with customers.  As the updates roll out service providers, brands and businesses have started realizing the power of building strong conversational experiences.  The latest addition to the series of well thought of and cautiously introduced updates is the introduction of the Custom chat plug-in. Continue Reading