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How a Conversational Interface can improve customer engagement

The ubiquity of the Internet means that users’ demands regarding Internet-enabled services are also on the rise. In response to these demands, companies are coming up with newer technologies, not to deliver these services, but also to enhance user experiences. In every industry and sector, there is an increasing push towards providing better customer experiences (CX), combined with the realisation that this can be made possible by engaging users in a personalised manner. In fact, the personalisation of user experiences for an “audience of one” has become a major theme in the development and growth of Internet-based services.

Earlier engagement formats such as web and app were structured formats consisting of screens, tabs and buttons – they require humans to behave like computers; conversational interfaces are natural and intuitive – forcing computers to behave like humans. In that sense, conversational interfaces enable the most advanced form of customer engagement.

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Chatbots, Conversational Marketing, Customer Experience (CX)

The birth of Conversational Experiences and how brands are using them


Ever since Facebook announced the launch of chatbots to the world in mid-2016, the well-established definition for the same went something like “a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via conversational interfaces”. Bots got the reputation of being lightweight apps that resided within messengers. Ever since their widespread acceptance, the world of marketing has never been the same. A  wave of a disruptive new trend in technology ushered into our daily lives. Continue Reading