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Good Reads – Why and How to Use Messaging Apps in Your Marketing Strategy

There was once a time when we could only send a limited number of text messages per month. But times have changed. In less than a decade, tech companies have designed free messaging apps without any limitations. For individuals who were notorious for going over their text limits every month, this was like winning the lottery!

However, since then, messaging apps have become a lot more than just texting. Companies have started using them for digital interactions and transactions. Chat apps began integrating other features, such as making voice calls, sending images and videos, playing games, and even purchasing products. These added features have attracted new users. Continue Reading

Messaging Apps

How will messaging apps impact marketing trends in 2018

Capturing customers


Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing |

Feb 06, 2018

Digital assistants like Alexa, Google home and echo are increasingly becoming popular with consumers. Virtual assistants are aiding customers with day-to-day tasks like maintaining to-do lists, setting reminders and getting daily news updates amongst a plethora of other tasks.

Seasoned brand marketers have started taking notice of the power of conversations to drive marketing activities even though it’s just the early days of messenger marketing Facebook Messenger once a distant second to WeChat has advanced its messaging features while serving a global community. According to Facebook, 20 million out of the 70 million brands/pages are actively responding to consumer messages. Continue Reading