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Contactless Menu for Restaurants

Not too long ago, restaurants were about intimate, social settings where people connected with each other and with staff.

But now, “contactless dining” has become a regular occurrence, allowing diners to still enjoy a dine-out experience, albeit with little or no human interaction. Despite the pandemic, people do want to eat at restaurants, or order takeaways to eat in the comfort of their own homes. However, they want the experience to be as contactless as possible.

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How to implement a Digital Menu for Restaurants

COVID-19 has accelerated the movement of restaurants going online. There are many aspects of taking a restaurant online – ordering, payment, delivery and marketing. One of the key aspects of an online restaurant experience is a digital food menu. A digital food menu is not just a digital copy of a physical menu that a customer can access. It is an interactive interface that makes it easy for a customer to scan, identify and choose dishes that they like and order and pay seamlessly, either in-person or online.
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