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How to Tackle the Risks of Conversational AI Security?

With changing times, every business is leaning towards using a conversational chatbot to engage with customers. Artificial intelligence is the fuel for this revolution to benefit every industry. Chatbots and virtual agents will raise a billion customer requests autonomously by 2030, according to Gartner experts.

But, what they forget are the security concerns with using such technology. Allow us to highlight the troubles and the counter-measures to address them. But first, let’s understand what conversational AI security is.

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Two-factor Authentication – When security really matters for your business


Imagine a situation that your personal email account gets hacked. Recovery of the account would take some time but it can still be salvaged. Now imagine your corporate databases being hacked, the consequences could be far more distressing. Associated with this loss is also the damage to your brand.

You cannot afford to let your business be thrown away in the hands of hackers. Make security an inevitable part of your business. Continue Reading