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Conversational AI solutions for Edtech

Technology has advanced our world at a rapid pace. According to some reports, it was estimated that by 2020, 50% of all jobs would be done by technology instead of people. While this may seem a little scary to some, the reality is that this technology will improve the quality of life of people in the workforce. Artificial Intelligence is already being used in fields such as healthcare, banking, restaurants, etc. These AI-powered solutions will be backed by chatbots, making customer interactions more accessible and more conversational.

The education industry is also undergoing a lot of changes. The traditional classroom is changing to include a lot of technology. With the ongoing pandemic, online classes seem the norm. There is heavy reliance on apps and websites for learning. AI and chatbots are also making their debut. With the advancement in technology, educational institutions are also trying to find innovative ways to boost student acquisition, improve conversations, answer student queries effectively, etc.

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Chatbot for Your Business: Chatfuel, ManyChat, and Gupshup Compared

Thanks to prominent names such as SIRI and Cortana, many of us have become familiar with how it feels like to interact with machines. 2016 saw the rise of the Chatbot to much greater prominence. Chatbots are, for the most part, automated scripts that respond to queries.

Take for example CNN’s Facebook Chatbot

When you message CNN on Facebook, you’re greeted with a welcome script inviting you to ask the Chatbot about things that are happening. Once you type something in, the Chatbot extracts related news links for the topic requested that have been posted on CNN. This adds a new dimension to CNN’s capability on the social media space, in terms of usage, interaction as well as speed. Continue Reading


Why the Future of Bots will be Multi-Platform

When you talk about chat, WeChat will invariably pop up in conversation. At 1.1 billion accounts and 650 million MAUs and hosting a multitude of services from paying your water bill, booking a doctor’s appointment, getting a McDonald’s delivery and even buying a car, WeChat is an exciting vision of how messaging could be the portal to all services in the future. Continue Reading