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Five tips for designing a good voice bot



By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer evangelist |

May 17, 2017

With lots of development in the bot ecosystem since 2016 , 2017 is considered to be the year of voice assistants (bots). CES 2017 was all about voice assistants.

Few big players in the voice bot landscape are:

  • Google – Google Assistant
  • Amazon – Amazon Alexa
  • Microsoft – Cortana
  • Apple – Siri

Almost all of them have opened their platform for developers to develop voice bots. Check out this blog which talks about developing a voice bot on Google home. Continue Reading


Everything you need to know to get started with chatbots


Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing |

Jan 15, 2016

As the bot ecosystem phases into being widely acceptable and known, the masses still seem to be unaware of the application of chatbots to simplify daily transactions and provide easy business solutions. Small scale business owners and entrepreneurs are curious to experiment with and integrate chatbots into their business models with the anticipation of reaching out to their preferred target audience. We at Gupshup host dozens of meetup all across the country. At these meetups, our endeavor is to throw light on the topics that may be slightly tricky to comprehend from the point of view of a non-developer. Continue Reading

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Gupshup launches a new tool – Bot Flow tester


By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer evangelist |

Dec 27, 2016

We are witnessing the bot industry grow in leaps and bounds with new bots being created every day.  New platforms/tools are emerging to help bot developers in prototyping, designing and developing bots. All these tools are making the bot development process very easy for developers but guess what? There is still one area which takes a considerable amount of time and effort – testing of the bot. Continue Reading

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The madness that was the Rise Hackathon!

The iconic Bombay Stock Exchange, established in 1875, has seen it all in its storied history. But it probably hasn’t seen anything the likes of the Rise Hackathon that took place on the weekend of September 24-25th 2016. The hackathon, hosted by Barclays, was the largest ever fintech hackathon EVER with 1000+ participants pitching their hacks and was held simultaneously in Mumbai and Manchester. Continue Reading

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Introducing the Template Bot Builder

Bots are on a steep rise. Bots provides an option to the users to use their messaging app on the mobile device to interact with a brand or business. Hence, every brand or business no matter how big or small is trying to use bots to increase their reach and engage with their customers. We are already witnessing bots being created in various fields of businesses like travel, customer support, accounting, e-commerce etc.

Continue Reading


Gupshup hosts a series of meetups all over India

Techies the world over, including India, seem enamored with Chatbots.

Bots are essentially the latest re-incarnations of apps and websites. Everything you did previously using websites and apps, you will now be able to do through bots, with the added capability of doing it right within your favorite messaging app.

Why do bots matter, you wonder? If bots do the same things as websites and apps, is it really that different? Why would users switch from using websites and apps to bots? Continue Reading