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WhatsApp Business API

How to connect WhatsApp Business API via Gupshup

If there is anything that marketers and sales support teams of a brand completely agree on, it’s the importance of customer experience management. And a major aspect of that is how brands communicate with every individual customer; before, during, and after a sales transaction. It’s no surprise, therefore, that as businesses have gone digital, so have their customer touch-points.

Customer support used to depend on face-to-face interaction, in-branch, or on-site service. Then came the time of on-call support, IVR, and SMS services to make customer interactions quicker and after-sales customer experience smoother. The mobile nature of customer support has now extended to in-app and WhatsApp engagement.

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Conversational Messaging

Conversational Messaging – The Ultimate Guide

“Connecting with customers in a valuable, relevant manner is as old as marketing itself. But we’ve seen a shift recently in how, exactly, customers want to connect with brands. Strong brand connections are about whether or not the brand helps customers present themselves in a way that’s consistent with their own value.”


Every kind of business ultimately comes down to two main stakeholders: the provider (company or brand) and the customer (buyer). As they do business and engage in transactions, companies and customers often communicate with each other. In the olden days, this happened via phone or snail mail, and later via email and voice-based call centres. But today, the world of brand-customer-brand communications has opened up to include many more channels than ever before – thanks to conversational communications messaging.

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