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Conversational Messaging provides you with a competitive advantage

On May 31, 2021 | 3 Minutes Read
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Customer engagement is central to business success. With everything going online nowadays, customers have come to expect fast, easy, and secure digital experiences. Customers no longer want to respond to emails, download apps, subscribe to pages, or like a page on Instagram / Facebook. Instead, they just want to buy a product, make the payment and carry on. This leaves businesses in a lurch as they have less interaction, reduced engagement and fewer opportunities to exactly understand the future needs of customers.

In such frictional scenarios, conversational messaging, powered by conversational AI, can play a vital role by utilizing the available information faster, automate communication and help deliver an enriched customer experience as well as gain a powerful competitive advantage.

Competitive advantages of conversational messaging

Reducing glitches in a customer’s journey from pre-sales to post-sales is one of the key objectives for businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Conversational messaging resolves this problem by engaging customers instantly.

  • Increased accessibility – Being available 24/7 and the ease of being available on the platform customers are already familiar with like mobile chat improves customer experience at the very outset. Conversational texting has taken over phone calls with long wait times. Virtual agents like chatbots help customers engage in a convenient, easy way and receive answers to queries instantly.
  • Improved productivity – Automated support channels like chatbots and conversational texting are able to handle simple customer requests, allowing human agents to respond to complex concerns more quickly and bringing down the overall query turnaround times. Chatbots also improve productivity by addressing repetitive tasks and requests as and when they arise and engaging in multiple messaging conversations simultaneously.
  • Reduced operational costs – Customer support departments carry a high operating cost for most organizations. Cutting down on these is highly imperative for businesses. Chatbots can handle increased requests at a higher speed than human agents in times of traffic, provide relevant information for generic queries faster, and reduce complexity over time. This in turn can help reduce the overall operational costs.
  • Personalization – Information collected during a conversation like, customer location, preferences, account history, etc. on conversational messaging platforms can create a highly personalized chat experience for each customer every single time. Once a chatbot registers and churns these customer characteristics / preferences, it can come up with relevant recommendations and information for the customer, which aids them in taking the next step or initiating a purchase.

Build engaging conversational experiences with Gupshup

Conversational messaging is the single biggest paradigm shift that is taking place between businesses and their customers today. Conversational messaging along with conversational marketing is leading the customer service and business operations segment. However, conversational messaging is omnichannel at its core. An ideal conversational experience allows customers to converse in a messaging channel they are most comfortable with – WhatsApp, SMS, RCS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc. So, connect with your customers on the messaging apps they use the most and bridge the communication gap. Get started with conversational messaging for your business with Gupshup. Gupshup’s single API enables seamless customer engagement across 30+ channels. Build engaging conversational experiences today!

Sujatha Menon
Senior Content Writer

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