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Bring customers closer with content-rich leaflets on WhatsApp

Supercharge your store’s customer engagement & revenue

  • 70% higher engagement when compared to traditional channels of customer outreach
  • 80% open rate within 5 minutes
  • 50% click-through rate
  • 25% conversion rate on promotions
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Create a conversational opportunity for your shoppers on WhatsApp

With paper costs rising rapidly, more and more supermarkets are discontinuing their paper leaflets. But the question is how are they still building their customer engagement? The answer is via Digital Leaflets on WhatsApp!

With Digital Leaflets, you can engage your customers and curate offers and catalogs to shop from, all within WhatsApp.

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Turn shoppers to loyal customers with Digital Leaflets


Build lasting customer relationships at a fraction of the time, cost and money


Go Eco-friendly

Reduce carbon footprint, help the environment while reducing printing costs

Personalize Campaigns

Build loyalty by personalizing promotions by geography, category down to SKUs

Engage beyond stores

Share new launches and promotions at the right time, right place, beyond the store

Acquire new customers with Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Drive Discovery & Demand

Spark a conversation with engaging creative assets that drive discovery and demand for your products and services.

Capture 100% leads

Kill the leaky funnel of ads leading to landing pages and capture 100% of leads with PII data like Name and Phone Number.

Drive Sales

Increase the probability of purchase as you directly engage with the customer instantly

Re-engage at Zero Cost

Reduce your remarketing cost by engaging with prospects at zero cost within 72 hours of click

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