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Building Generative AI Bots

July 10, 2024
3:30 pm
Virtual Event | IST Time Zone

AI Masterclass: Building Generative AI Bots

Transform Your Business with Advanced Gen AI-powered Chatbots

Step into the future of Conversational Experiences with Gupshup’s Masterclass on Building Generative AI Bots. Curated and presented by domain experts, the session encompasses everything you need to know about creating sophisticated Gen AI bots, empowering you to generate human-like conversations, engage with customers, and deliver meaningful experiences. 

From understanding the underlying principles of Generative AI to hands-on tutorials on developing and deploying your bots, this masterclass offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

Gupshup’s AI Masterclass is perfect for business leaders,  developers, and AI enthusiasts, to harness the power of Generative AI and enhance customer interactions as well as streamline operations.

Join us for this exclusive masterclass and start your journey towards creating intelligent, responsive, and impactful Generative AI-powered customer experiences.

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Hands-on Experience

Learn through practical, step-by-step tutorials on developing and deploying Gen AI bots using Gupshup’s ACE LLM to enhance CX

Business Applications

Discover how Generative AI-powered chatbots can optimize customer interactions, improve efficiency, and drive business growth

Automation at Scale

Discover how to efficiently leverage Gen AI bots to support your customer conversations across the customer lifecycle – Acquisition, engagement, commerce and care

Conversational Insights

Uncover the potential of combining Gen AI with omni-channel conversational solutions to offer the
best-in-class customer experience using Gupshup Conversation Cloud

Showcase Demos

Explore successful customer implementations and dive into diverse use cases that showcase the practical applications of AI-driven customer interactions

Pre-built Models

Learn how to start your development and deployment with pre-built fine-tuned models for various domains and functions.

Meet Your Masterclass Domain Expert
Adwit Sharma
Director- Product and Solutions

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What are Gupshup’s Masterclasses?

Gupshup’s Masterclasses are expertly designed sessions that delve into the intricacies of conversational AI and Conversational CX. These classes are tailored to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud effectively.

Each masterclass covers a range of topics, from basic chatbot development and API integrations to advanced conversational design and analytics. Led by industry professionals and Gupshup’s own technical experts, these sessions provide hands-on learning experiences, real-world examples, and best practices, empowering attendees to create seamless, intelligent, and engaging conversational experiences for their businesses.