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Exploring The Power Of Voice APIs

In a fast-paced world, communication plays an important role to get a hold of big opportunities.

Voice communications is one major domain of the telecommunications sector. It has played a supporting role in increasing sales for enterprises by facilitating corporate communications in marketing, collecting feedback, and managing employees. So technically, voice communications is a business solution which improves the performance of the enterprise by a huge margin. Enterprises can raise the bar by incorporating voice communications for internal and external communication.

In telecommunications, voice technology is used to a great extent for many purposes such as marketing and teleconferencing through indispensable telephone use, and most likely will continue to do so. Imagine an uptight scenario without telephones. It is enough that smartphones are taking over. The usage of telephone communication is very limited due to the rise of the mobile phone era. Mobiles and telephones serve different purposes. The growing popularity of mobile phone users has 2 outcomes: Nowadays, CPaas platforms are the main pillar for enterprise communication, overthrowing telecommunication. Secondly, voice and data messaging remains the same but the communication pipeline has changed.

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Simplifying Payments With 1-click Bill Pay

Money transactions and cash flow are crucial, daily aspects of our lives. They include utility bills for electricity, gas, water, and travel, food, & luxury expenses. Paying them on time can be hectic and overwhelming, while delays can cause extra charges or late fees. So, during one of our Gupshup’s Conversational Messaging podcasts, Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup and Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, VP Marketing, discussed implementing a new way for seamless payments and how it can benefit customers in their day-to-day lives. Listen to the podcast here.

Let’s learn how one-click payments make our lives easier.

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What is a Chatbot – A Complete Guide

Chatbots online have become a very common and in-demand function for websites, portals, and platforms in 2021. With the evolution of AI and its implementation across various domains, chatbots have emerged as one of the most imperative tools to improve the user experience for businesses across the globe.

The widespread use of chatbots has only made it clear how important they are in today’s day and age. For instance, a recent survey by Invespcro pointed out that over 67% of global consumers have in some way interacted with a chatbot. Another study from Drift also highlighted that over 40% of consumers worldwide use conversational marketing tools like chatbots to make purchases online.

So, how do chatbots work, and how can you use them to boost your business capabilities? Let us dive in.

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Why Brands Should Leverage Multilingual AI Chatbots

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

–Nelson Mandela

Multilingual AImultilingual chatbot…multilingual AI bot platform

In the world of customer support, these terms are cropping up with increasing regularity.

But what is multilingual AI?

Why should today’s brands consider multilingual AI for customer support?

What are the benefits of a multilingual AI bot platform?

In this detailed guide, we cover all these aspects of multilingual AI that brands often wonder about.

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What Is Conversational AI & What Does The Future Hold

Technological advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) space has captured the public imagination. But this accelerating pace of innovation comes with an increased state of uncertainty about where AI is headed and how it will impact human interactions. Let’s take a look at how AI is changing the way we communicate and what the future holds.

AI has successfully reached a stage where consumers can effortlessly speak to technology. Human interactions are now structured around quick problem-solving abilities. This revolution in human interactions has massive implications across industries. Companies around the globe are trying to capitalize on this space by adopting chatbot as one of the primary means of communication with its users. It is estimated that the chatbot market will witness a 24% growth in the coming years and reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

But how exactly will this AI space be taken up by businesses? Let’s take a look at how conversational AI will shape human conversations.

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What is Natural Language Processing? A Complete Guide

Machines that can understand humans?

Respond to human language?

Recognise linguistic cues, comprehend context, and even take appropriate action?

Sounds like something out of an Isaac Asimov novel! But the fact is – modern-day machines can do all of this and more – thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP).

But what is NLP?

How does it work?

Why is NLP important?

What are its current applications and uses?

This detailed guide explores all these frequently-asked questions about this exciting area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Make Automation More Personal with AI-powered Chatbots

On November 26th, 2021

Conversational AI-powered chatbots are just about everywhere these days. When trying to solve a problem, or amend an order, customers want a quick and easy solution that’s readily available. Nowadays, a ticketing system or customer service only available over the phone simply won’t do.

According to one study by HubSpot, ⅔ of customers expect a response to their enquiry within 10 minutes. And not all companies can afford to have a 24/7 customer service team.

This is why chatbots are a useful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Chatbots are perfect for those customers that have a phobia of speaking on the phone, and can also save your customer support team lots of time by answering simple questions without human interference needed. However, it’s important to not only choose the right chatbot service for your business but also ensure it is advanced enough to understand a multitude of queries and answer them in a personable way.

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How conversational AI differs from rule-based scripted chatbots

On November 22nd, 2021

With every website that you visit, it might seem like every company is getting into the chatbot business. Facebook, Google, and Amazon, Ebay all have a bot or two to offer. They want people to believe that AI will be the next big thing in technology – but they may be wrong about that.

Conversational AI might be new, but rule-based and scripted chatbots have been around for some time.

So, what’s the difference between conversational bots and scripted ones?

Conversational bots interact with humans on a personal level by mimicking natural human speech patterns. These can include tone of voice, predicting what comes next, or even giving suggestions that users might not have thought of. Such functionalities make them engaging for customers who are looking for more than just information from bots.

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Conversational Messaging Solutions for Logistics

There is no doubt that chatbots have enabled automation and smoothened consumer interfacing processes in every industry. According to Statista, the overall chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025 compared to $190.8 million in 2016. The number is huge, as is the impact.

The role of conversational messaging and conversational AI-powered chatbots in  logistics and supply chain management cannot be emphasised enough. The automation process facilitates smooth operations and reduces costs as well as chances of errors while increasing efficiency. With a growing demand in production and a higher demand for shipping, more and more businesses are turning to Conversational AI in order to save time. In fact, with many companies expanding their services to wider audiences using marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart who have been steadily improving customer service through technological assistance, the necessity of physical services for errands is becoming obsolete.

Adopting conversational automation with the help of conversational messaging and chatbots is the need of the hour for the logistics and supply chain management industries.

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Making The Media & Entertainment Experience Conversational

The Media & Entertainment industry is among the many industries that are seeing a lot of potential in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance their productivity and increase revenues. Between virtual reality, chatbots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and 360-degree video, the media & entertainment industry is tapping into digital experiences. If the right steps are taken, the media and entertainment industry can take full advantage of technological advancements to provide interactive, intelligent, conversational experience.

Advertising is turning conversational. So how can you transform subscriber and audience experience with chatbots on messaging channels? Conversational AI-powered chatbots play a huge role in this. Conversational AI is gaining traction fast. The possibilities are endless, especially in the Media & Entertainment industry which is constantly on the lookout for new ways to entertain their audiences.

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