Conversational Messaging Chatbots for Logistics & Supply Chain

Optimize supplier, distributor and delivery experience with chatbots on messaging channels

chatbots in logistics

Conversational Solutions for Logistics

Accept orders from suppliers and distributors easily

Automate payments, delivery & return scheduling

Implement Connected Packaging for better product experience

AI-powered Self-serve Conversational Tools for Logistics and Supply Chain

  • No-code AI tools

    No-code AI tools

    Choose from a list of pre-built bot templates, customize its content and instantly publish it. Launch a fully functional logistics bot in minutes

  • Low-code AI tools

    Low-code AI tools

    With flow builder, create your conversation flow with a graphical editor and create detailed and advanced conversational bots using just point-and-click tools

  • Yo-code AI Tools

    Yo-code AI Tools

    Scripting tools for modeling dialog; or link with tools like Dialogflow and Rasa

  • Pre-trained Logistics-specific AI models

    Pre-trained Logistics-specific AI models

    Automate pre-booking, booking, customer support, payment, and consultative selling workflows.

    NLP-on-the-Fly - An API to process natural language queries with no training needed

Messaging Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Single-API for 30+ Messaging Channels

    Single-API for 30+ Messaging Channels

    Interact and transact with your suppliers, distributors and delivery team seamlessly across 30+ messaging channels using Gupshup’s Single API for Messaging

  • Payment Solutions via Messaging

    Payment Solutions via Messaging

    With 1-click Bill Pay, offer your distributors easy payment options via payment messages

  • Advanced APIs for Automating Micro-journeys

    Advanced APIs for Automating Micro-journeys

    With Advanced APIs, get pre-built, customizable sequences to plug in, use and accelerate the automation of key logistics and supply chain workflows

Interact and transact with your suppliers, distributors and delivery teams across 30+messaging channels

  • SMS


    Deliver text messages to 225 countries through a cost-effective and programmable single API

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  • WhatsApp


    Engage with customers on the most used messaging app in the world, and give them the conversational banking experience.

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  • RCS


    RCS, an upgrade to SMS, offers enhanced messaging features with rich media, branding, read receipts, and suggested replies on user’s native messaging app

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  • GBM


    A mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences

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  • Gupshup Messaging

    Gupshup Messaging

    Advanced channel developed by Gupshup to offer rich formats and great flexibility in developing conversational experiences

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  • Improved Inventory Management

    Automate the supply chain process ensuring better stock visibility and data tracking thus enabling an efficient supply chain performance

  • Optimize Lead Times

    Automate repetitive tasks, simplify tracking and reduce the need for arbitrary checks resulting in bringing down lead times

  • Improve Engagement

    Improve your customer engagement with enhanced support across multiple platforms with real-time messaging

  • Scale Support

    Quickly scale the number of queries handled over time with automated processes. Place and track orders, and find answers for any queries in real-time

  • Boost Productivity

    Channelizes your priorities by taking care of redundant tasks like generating documents, scheduling meetings, updating CRM

  • Be Omni-channel

    Consistent experience across 30+ messaging channels and do not miss out channel specific audiences

  • Simplify distribution communication

    Streamline ad-hoc communication between distributors and manufacturers (or brands) across channels.