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A financial services chatbot can guide customers through different financial transactions in a conversational, near-human manner. By conversing with the chatbot, users can quickly review their account balance, request a cheque book, open an FD or RD, block a credit card, make card payments, complete KYC documentation, etc. The chatbot for financial services offers a simple workflow and interface, thus allowing the user to handle simple banking/financial services tasks.

A financial services chatbot provides an easy self-service platform, making it easier for the customers to complete many financial services-related tasks independently and quickly. By leveraging a conversational AI platform like Gupshup, financial services providers can engage with customers across 30+ messaging channels for various commerce, marketing and support use cases.

The chatbot enables the company to deliver meaningful digital customer experiences with every interaction and transform customer engagement at scale. They can also ensure faster onboarding, speedy transactions, simplified day-to-day operations, and deliver seamless service support.

Generally, conversational AI technology powers a financial chatbot. By leveraging conversational AI platforms like Gupshup, one can provide pre-built AI templates, plug-in tools, pre-trained models, and bot discovery tools to develop a custom chatbot for financial services. Such chatbots can support rich media, keyword-based responses, interactive buttons, and even suggest answers depending on the application or business need.

In addition, Gupshup’s unique messaging API supports multiple messaging types, advanced customisation, intelligent routing, horizontal scaling, and SSL encryption. The API is easily configurable to seamlessly integrate SMS, data and voice messaging into the business flow of any financial services organisation.

With the Gupshup bot-builder platform, any financial services organisation can build a customised chatbot for numerous use cases across marketing, commerce and support. 

Through bot-builder self-serve tools, no-code AI/low-code platforms, and a single messaging API, BFSI firms can build intelligent chatbots to deliver rich, personalised content and meaningful customer experiences at scale. They can also develop conversational experiences for improved lead generation, cross-sells and upsells, automated KYC, personalised offers, branch banking, and more.

A financial services chatbot created with the Gupshup platform supports 30+ channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, GBM and IP Messaging. BFSI companies can deliver text (SMS) messages to almost every country in the world.

They can also engage with customers through the world’s most popular messaging platform – WhatsApp. RCS offers conversational two-way messaging, while GBM enables firms to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences.