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2022 Conversational Messaging Innovations

On January 10, 2022 | 11 Minutes Read
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Today, the four biggest messaging micro-platforms (provided by Facebook and Google) have more active users than the four biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Looking at this global trend, it seems evident we’ll be seeing an increase in 2022 in A2P messages sent from businesses and organizations to consumers. As things are now today, most business-directed messages sent to people are one-way but consumers want the ability to reply back.

Conversational messaging has made consumer self-service much easier and more convenient. Thanks to new technologies, customers can quickly have a simple conversation in order to find information about products and services they are interested in for example. This technology has been paving the way for faster, more satisfied interactions between companies and their customers.

Gupshup has been on an innovative drive when it comes to Conversational Messaging. In this blog, we highlight the core developments we have made in the area the past year, keeping in mind the trends for 2022.

2021 Gupshup Growth Trends

Throughout the year, Gupshup has scaled up its opportunities. In September, Gupshup acquired the leading Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform, Dotgo. Dotgo has unique products, partnerships and thought leadership related to RCS Business Messaging (RBM) and will reinforce Gupshup’s capabilities in that area. Gupshup has been a leader in IP messaging. Now, Gupshup is the leading innovator in all the new and advanced messaging channels including WhatsApp, GIP, RCS and others. We have been working on ramping our technology and go-to market teams globally as well in mobile-first countries, to accelerate our conversational messaging vision. We have made tremendous strides towards this vision as communications continue to evolve rapidly from notifications to 2-way conversations across WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business Messaging and RCS. We saw tremendous year-on-year growth in 2-way conversations, driven by businesses adding these IP channels to their omni-channel strategies.

We have also worked on a new and improved NLP-on-the-fly and sentiment analysis module and launched Gupshup’s WhatsApp Quality Based Messaging Solution that allows businesses to initiate non-transactional high-quality conversations to accelerate customers through the buyer journey.

Innovations in Conversational AI

We continue to innovate on the Conversational AI front with enhancements in various modules.

  • We’ve introduced a Conversational Commerce solution for B2B order placements for CPG, FMCG and manufacturing.
  • We enhanced our plug & play banking template which can be readily used by any bank to ease the complete new customer onboarding, existing customer interactions and faqs.
  • We enhanced HR and ITSM Automation using Conversational Automation. To enable existing HRMS systems across multiple channels where users are comfortable requires an Integrated HR Service Management Suite.
  • Introduced a new model for NLP on the Fly with a minimum accuracy of 88%
  • Revamped our sentiment analysis module to provide at least 89% accuracy
  • Automated server deployment for externally developed bots deployed on our bot channels
  • Introduced new revised pre built AI bot template for the BFSI industry
  • Released new Machine Learning based Natural Language Generation features. Building on top of the context specific document cognition feature, we are now able to use transformer based models to create NLG data sets. NLG datasets can be used to train NLP models at scale with minimum dependence on human input.
  • Increased the out-of-box accuracy of chatbots and drove the deployment time significantly
  • Implemented Self Serve Deployment Pipelines for AI Bots
  • We launched a WhatsApp based Direct Ordering Solution that connects with ERPs and other backend databases and automates PO, Invoice and other documentation involved in B2B ordering.
  • We enabled conversation in native languages to increase engagement and returning customer ratio.
  • We enabled real time notifications for order acceptance, order dispatch, transit tracking and discounts on channels like WhatsApp that have more than 95% open and read rates.

Customer digital needs simplified

We have helped digitise processes for a multitude of companies across domains and industries. In addition, we also introduced several new industry solutions.

  • Creditwise Capital
    Credit Wise Capital Pvt Ltd is a Digital NBFC and provides quick and easy loans for purchase of new two wheeler loans. Our chatbots allow users to apply for a two-wheeler loan.
  • HDFC Securities
    One stop shop for all your Trading and Investment needs. Our chatbots allow users to learn more about trading via HDFC securities.
  • NSDL
    Our NSDL chatbot provides responses to the frequently asked questions regarding NPS (National Pension System) and APY (Atal Pension Yojana).
  • Kylas
    Kylas Sales CRM is built to be easy to use, even for CRM beginners. Just sign up and get going! Our chatbots allow users to know more about products and connect with experts.
  • Rooman Technologies
    Rooman Technologies is India’s No 1 IT Training Company with a strong 22 years’ experience in training delivery. Our chatbots allow users to get relevant information about the various courses offered by Rooman.
  • Talentedge
    Talentedge partners with top Indian & International institutes including IIMs , XLRI, MICA, SPJIMR, Jack Welch Management Institute (JWMI) and also with renowned corporates like OLX, Viacom 18, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and others. Our chatbots allow users to browse various institutes and courses.
  • Teachmint
    India’s No. 1 Teaching Platform – take your classes online in 2 minutes. Teachmint provides support to the teacher community via WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by Sal Khan, with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. Khan Academy launched a foundation program via chatbot for students of class 1 to 10 in association with partners like Dunzo, Snapdeal, etc.
  • Mint
    Powering some of the most influential news brands in the country, HT Digital Streams with 150 million unique visitors a month and above 1700 million page views is today poised as one of India’s fastest-growing digital media companies. Our chatbots allow users to renew their subscription.
  • Fakt Marathi
    Fakt Marathi is a general entertainment channel owned by One Plex Television Private Limited. Our chatbots allow users to participate in live contests played on the TV.
  • Flipkart
    India’s favourite online shopping destination offering over 30 million products across 70+ categories including Mobiles, Fashion, Books, Media, Consumer Electronics and more. Our chatbots allow users to find out great deals.
  • Meesho
    Meesho Online Shopping – Lowest Prices, Best Quality. Our chatbots allow users to find out great deals.
  • Bijnis
    Bijnis is enabling the retailers to buy directly from factories.Shop now from 2000+ trusted factories, to get extensive varieties of products, best prices, higher margins and greater profits. Our chatbots allow users to share feedback after purchase.
  • Vedistry
    With Vedistry, Charak  Group enters the personal care market. On the back of Charak’s 74 years of ayurveda expertise, Vedistry sets its feet in the FMCG market with a wide range of good quality consumer products. Our chatbots allow user to browse through catalog, check order status, connect with expert, etc
  • Moha
    Created by the house of Charak, the Ayurvedic specialists, moha: is a culmination of over 74 years of Ayurvedic study, practice and rigour. Our chatbots allow user to browse through catalog, check order status, connect with expert, etc
  • Charak
    Charak Pharma, with the legacy of 74 years, promises health forever naturally with authentic ayurvedic & scientifically tested medicines. Our chatbots allow user to browse through catalog, check order status, connect with expert, etc
  • PharmEasy
    PharmEasy is one of India’s most trusted online pharmacy & medical stores offering pharmaceutical and healthcare products at a FLAT 20% OFF. Our chatbots allow users to know more about products and connect with experts.
  • StoreKing
    StoreKing is a full stack platform powering retailers and customers in smaller Indian towns. StoreKing helps in augmenting the supply chain and also in sales generation to the retailer. Our chatbots capture leads and share more details about various programs.
  • Aqualens
    Aqualens brings you the best-in-class contact lens technology in the market at affordable prices, specially designed to keep your vision intact and eyes comfortable all day long. Our chatbots allow users to select and buy various contact lenses.
  • The Souled Store
    The Souled Store is a homegrown youth lifestyle brand selling licensed pop culture merchandise from movies, TV shows and comics. Our chatbot provides answers to frequently asked questions and provides order status.
  • Zomato
    WhatsApp chatbot allows restaurant partners to run paid ads campaigns on the Zomato platform via chatbot. A bot allows restaurant partners to select different Paid Ad packs online via chatbot.
  • Teleperformance
    Teleperformance’s Digital Integrated Business Services combines human touch and high technology to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. GIP Chatbot allows teleperformance to manage the agent nomination for a specific event.
  • Ambuja Cement
    Ambuja Cement has rolled out a campaign for Consumer offer, wherein a customer gets an Assured gift on purchase of minimum 50 bags and a Lucky coupon on every 50 bags of PP to participate in the Lucky draw. For tracking of assured gifts and replenishment Ambuja Cement rolled out a GIP interface with Dealers for punching the sales transaction for assured gift distribution.
  • Sewa hi Sangathan
    A social initiative to create a strong community bonding. Under the Sewa hi Sangathan health volunteer program we are going to appoint village level volunteers. We are going to provide training and empower  pradesh to Village level volunteers who are going to fight against any effect of the pandemic. Our chatbot provides the required information to the volunteer.

Conversational Micro Journeys for Different Industries

We built tailor made conversational workflows called micro journeys for many industries. These micro journeys cater to specific use cases in a particular industry. Key highlights were:

  • Gupshup for Restaurant
    Gupshup provides F&B establishments the ability to digitise the customer experience to order, pay and receive home delivery directly and also the ability to market to their customers through messaging-based marketing tools.
  • Gupshup for Retail
    Gupshup for Retail is the conversational solution for retail stores to digitize every aspect of their operation including marketing, commerce and support. Conversational commerce is the best way to engage customers and grow your retail business.
  • Gupshup for BFSI & Fintech
    Gupshup for BFSI is a conversational messaging solution that enables message-based interactions between banks, financial services, insurance companies, and their customers. Using a chat-based interface, customers can discover financial products and schemes, compare plans, speak to reps, perform KYC formalities, apply for loans, get soft approvals, check processing status, get notifications, pay dues, purchase/renew insurance, and many more things.

Conversational Messaging Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

New Messaging API Capabilities To Watch Out For

Gupshup’s New 1-click Bill Pay product can be used by brands to easily make payments within their popular messaging channels using a ‘pay now’ button or pre-fed link with all the payment details.

Gupshup’s Support Dashboard now enables enterprises to share location cards, contact cards, images, videos, voice notes and various document formats such as pdfs, ppts and excel with their consumers, across all popular messaging channels using Bots or Support Agents.

Gupshup launched WhatsApp Quality Based Messaging Solution that allows businesses to initiate non-transactional high-quality conversations to accelerate customers through key touchpoints in the buyer journey by sharing relevant information and offers such as personalized recommendations, new product information, targeted promotions, back-in-stock alerts and cart abandonment reminders.

Gupshup’s WhatsApp for Business API supports Multiple Product Messages to help with faster conversions. Businesses can offer Rich Product Catalogues, Product Information Cards, Cart Details Information, and Instant Payments with ‘Pay Now’ to end-users for a better and richer customer experience.

With Gupshup’s WhatsApp Commerce solution, businesses can simplify and manage the complete buying experience with a WhatsApp-based digital storefront for their business. Businesses can showcase products and services in an interactive catalog, personalize the shopping experience with customizable preferred items and simplify ordering and payment directly on WhatsApp.

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