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Make Out-of-Home Advertisements Conversational

On August 13, 2021 | 5 Minutes Read
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With a plethora of advertising options in place today, the outdoor advertising industry has also evolved. So why do you need to make your out-of-home (OOH) advertisements conversational in the first place?

Outdoor or OOH advertising has many challenges owing to its static one-way natured ads. One-way communication between ad and user lacks personalization and creative aspects for specific users. Therefore there are limited inquiries, and a small percentage of viewers call a phone number when they see an OOH ad. There is always pressure to justify ROI with uncertain economic scenarios. So by making your outdoor advertising more conversational, you can engage with viewers in a better way and induce sales in different ways. One way is simply using a QR Code Generator to add a QR code linked to your website, socials, etc, thereby allowing potential customers to engage with your brand as soon as they see your ad. 

Gupshup’s conversational OOH advertising can convert any advertising surface into a conversational interface with GIP, a messaging channel that enables rich and advanced conversational experiences. We help make any digital or physical advertising surface a conversation starter with QR codes or URLs – be it a website or a storefront, a billboard, product package, or digital ad. Scanning a QR code can lead to a signup page or any landing page of a website. Some more use cases include:

  • Enabling direct dialing of your business number
  • Helping book an appointment
  • Enabling lead capture or fast account creation
  • Viewers can send an email
  • Viewers will be directed towards the app download page
  • Enabling store navigation, which will help in driving more store footfall
  • Directing viewers to social media pages to increase likes and followers
  • Directing prospects to shopping and e-commerce pages
  • Directing prospects to support and FAQ pages

Gupshup solution for different capabilities

Let us break down the capabilities and see how the Gupshup solution fits into three different categories of any industry: Conversational Marketing, Conversational Commerce, and Conversational Support.

Conversational Marketing Capabilities

Scanning code results in direct engagement with the brand and results in:

  • Generation of leads
  • Increase in orders and reservations
  • Better offerings for deals and promotional discounts
  • Making personalized recommendations
  • Increasing social media followers
  • Leading customers to the app download page

Conversational Commerce Capabilities

Scanning code results in:

  • Inducing viewers to engage in spot-on / instant sales
  • Onboarding of customers faster
  • Upsell or cross-sell of products
  • Making instant and secure payments

Conversational Support Capabilities

Scanning code results in:

  • Providing first-tier support
  • Answering repetitive queries
  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Offering store navigation to drive more customers to the physical store

Benefits of integrating with the Gupshup solution

We cater to varied industries and have customers that range from edtech, financial institutions, the automotive industry, and restaurants. Some benefits of the Gupshup solution for your outdoor advertising include:

  • Get better engagement and higher ROI
    Stand apart from the crowd with the help of conversations and go beyond just static brand building. In the process, engage better with your customers and achieve higher ROI.
  • Link offline to online sales
    You can better track the message conveyed and the actual action taken by the customer. Bridge the gap between offline to online sales and have better clarity on the sales funnel.
  • Re-target customers
    Connect with customers who have scanned the code again on digital mediums like Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Detailed metrics
    Collect detailed metrics, as per location, time, day, to know the performance of various mediums.
  • Make ads dynamic
    Make the conversations more involved, as well as modify and personalize the creatives as required quickly.
  • Enhanced product offering
    Initiate a conversation with your existing customers and introduce them to varied product offerings to generate more inquiries.
  • Engage customers on the go
    Embedding a QR code on a billboard activates the advertisement, makes it conversational, and engages the viewer on the go.
  • Share YouTube videos on any print
    Enrich your print material with QR codes, which on scanning, takes customers to multiple videos to increase customer engagement and interaction.
  • Deliver engaging content
    Brands can deliver engaging content to consumers in an interactive way.
  • A great way to catch customers attention
    Creating bite-sized and engaging content pieces embedded with a QR code goes a long way in catching viewers’ attention.
  • Brand activation
    QR codes activate traditional and digital media by helping consumers engage directly with the brand at the time of viewing.
  • Same code, different products
    Add more products to your sales page, or change the content on your website at the backend without worrying about generating a brand new code for the changes made.
  • Offer 24/7 support
    With the help of QR Codes, brands can provide crucial information and support that a billboard or website does not offer.
  • Ease of consumer experience
    Consumers can scan the code and immediately be directed to their desired information, application, call center, and video without entering long URLs or phone numbers from their mobile device.

Leverage Gupshup to engage better with your customers

With the Gupshup solution, convert anyone who views your ads to prospects. You can onboard customers faster and cross-sell or up-sell to them. Make the digital advertising experience as interactive and trustworthy as the physical one, support your customers 24×7 and win their confidence. If you are an agency that owns a standalone outdoor inventory or network of outdoor inventory assets, we can help you reach that sales target. Make your brand more visible and engaging with Gupshup. We are trusted by the best-in-class businesses, helping over 39,200+ brands with conversational messaging.

Contact us today and make your outdoor advertising more conversational and actionable.

Sujatha Menon
Senior Content Writer

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