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Top Five Reasons to Adopt SMS APIs

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On December 24, 2021

In earlier times, the only two mass marketing tools used by enterprises were either SMS or cold calls. Today SMS usage is very different from what it was earlier. It is more focused and fulfills an established need at the right moment by leveraging the power of APIs.

APIs (application programming interface) are the building blocks for developers to integrate new features in their applications. They provide large and smaller enterprises the ability to integrate their application with an omnichannel communication portal, which has access to data and voice messaging tools. SMS APIs are well-defined software interfaces that are used to allow web applications to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks.

A reliable SMS API gateway will optimize enterprise communication, thereby making it more flexible for high transfer and delivery of messages. Furthermore, sending bulk messages expands the base of consumers at a lower cost and increases the scalability of brands. If you want to integrate an SMS API gateway for SMS marketing, then you can take advantage of a third-party CPaaS portal.

Listed below are the five use-cases of integrating a bulk SMS API gateway into your web or mobile application.

OTP (One Time Password) Authentication

Banks can send an OTP to the consumer through his/her mobile number. The outbound messaging API can be used by banks to supply the code when someone requests it to verify their identity.

OTP authentication is a financial term which means gaining access to a personal bank account by typing the code which was sent to your mobile via the bank. Without the prerequisite of identity verification, anyone may hack your account as it would be much less complicated to withdraw money. By using OTP authentication, banks enhance the security of the customer’s assets. If banks want to offer digital services to their customers, then OTP authentication is an absolute must.

Transactional Summary

Viewing your transaction summary on mobile? The latest mobile bills, last five bank account transactions or the most recent bank account balance are all accessible to us today at the tap of a button. How does it work? Using the outbound messaging API, the bank notifies us now and then via SMS, about our account activity.

Contest Voting/polls

Collect results faster on mobile by canvassing the outcome of a local voting contest or survey. According to Apifonica, ‘SMS achieves a 209% higher response rate compared with phone calls, email, or Facebook.’ How does it work? All that you have to do is configure a bunch of short codes or a long command, using the inbound messaging API, to accept voting commands and run contests. Example: to vote for participant 1 send WIN 1, to vote for participant 2 send WIN2 and so on.

Service Subscription

A service subscription is among the essential use-cases. By harnessing the power of an inbound messaging API, enterprises can announce newly launched services and ask customers to subscribe. Telecom providers may start an entertainment channel and ask people to subscribe via SMS so they can send weekly alerts about newer content.

Furthermore, government organizations, retailers, restaurants, schools, and local organizations may send alerts to their subscribed group of an audience about social causes, promotions, and other vital issues, respectively. However, if they do not deliver excellent experiences through their services, the customer is likely to cancel the subscription.

How does it work? On receiving relevant keywords on a number from the end-user, you can trigger subscription to a specific service. Just remember to leverage the power of SMS to get audiences to read your SMS within 15 minutes of being sent — it is five to seven times easier to get a response from existing subscribers than new clients, according to a McKinsey report.


Festival/ Birthdays/ Anniversary/ Big day? Send a personalized greeting message to your clients. If your client database is up to date and connected with your CRM, you can instantly send personalized messages to your target audience by using the outbound messaging API.

Launch a marketing campaign via SMS APIs

SMS marketing works much better when it’s automated. With the Gupshup solution, deliver text messages to 225 countries through a cost-effective and programmable single API that allows enterprises harness the power of a simple SMS as a medium to communicate with their target customers. Engage customers through seamless automation and start building solutions with our Messaging API.

Whether you need thousands or millions of messages, our SMS API ensures timely delivery. Add more channels such as MMS, WhatsApp, and more using the same API. Receive and send SMS via our API built with codes or with our ready-to-use Global SMS API.

#LetsGupshup to know more.

Tejaswi KR
Lead Content Marketer - Dotgo

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