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RCS, OTT & SMS – Difference Between The Messaging Channels

Mobile messaging channels have provided an easy means of connection between brands and their respective customers. Research suggests that Conversational AI messaging will approximately reach a valuation of USD 32.62 Billion by 2030. This rise is expected as brands are moving towards providing a “chat-first” strategy wherein users can connect with brands from the place of their comfort and experience the brand’s services before they start purchasing products or services from them.

There are various conversational messaging platforms available for brands to connect with their customers. However, more options also lead to more confusion as to which platform will perform best for your business size and vertical. Whether you are a small dropshipping business owner, top-level executive of a banking and financial institution, operate a travel company, or a marketing director for a travel and tourism enterprise, there is an omnichannel conversational solution for all businesses.

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Making The Media & Entertainment Experience Conversational

The Media & Entertainment industry is among the many industries that are seeing a lot of potential in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance their productivity and increase revenues. Between virtual reality, chatbots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and 360-degree video, the media & entertainment industry is tapping into digital experiences. If the right steps are taken, the media and entertainment industry can take full advantage of technological advancements to provide interactive, intelligent, conversational experience.

Advertising is turning conversational. So how can you transform subscriber and audience experience with chatbots on messaging channels? Conversational AI-powered chatbots play a huge role in this. Conversational AI is gaining traction fast. The possibilities are endless, especially in the Media & Entertainment industry which is constantly on the lookout for new ways to entertain their audiences.

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